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  1. J

    Talk about throwing it away!

    Had an absolute mad 5 minutes at the weekend which cost me a competition win and a lowest score ever off the back tees +3 for the first 17 holes, 39 points, followed by worst tee shot of the day which just stays in bounds, catch my 8 iron fat from the rough and end up in a bush! 1 poor chip and...
  2. J

    Cleveland CBX2 Wedges

    Hi all, Looking at upgrading my wedges to a set of these, anyone have any experience with them that they'd like to share? Personally my wedge play is probably the worst part of my game, so thinking maybe the GI aspect of them may help
  3. J

    Goal to drop to single figures

    Hello all, Having played golf sporadically for years, this February I finally joined a club and have been playing fairly regularly (when Covid has allowed) I now have my WHS handicap (14.9), having played in competitions all summer, which I feel is slightly on the high side, seeing as even...