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  1. Fade and Die

    Pet Insurance

    Its approaching that time of year when I need to renew our Pet Insurance for our 3 year old Golden Doodle. at the moment we are with Everypaw, their mid range "Lifetime" policy last year was £390, this year it has jumped to £507 which seems a lot as we have had no claims at all. What are other...
  2. Fade and Die

    Microsoft Projects for the Web help.

    Hi All, Does anyone have any experience using Microsoft Projects for the Web? Ive created a project with a Timeline but when i try to export it as a PDF the resulting document is a hefty 21 pages long. There seems to be very little I can do to make the thing smaller. Don't know if this is...
  3. Fade and Die

    Getting a will written

    Me and the Mrs have been putting off getting a will done for ages, I had a little look online and there was a massive choice but am now getting ad-bombed for Wills from as low as £20, Or even a free will if I leave a gift to a charity! I don’t think our estates would be too difficult to sort...
  4. Fade and Die

    Class system

    I Didn’t want to take Tashys thread off on a tangent but there was a couple of comments on there that got me thinking about the class system, Cressida reckons it’s the middle classes fuelling the demand for drugs, Tash claims he is working class (tbh the amount of holidays he has I thought...
  5. Fade and Die

    The UK - Vote for our independence from Scotland

    I am heartily sick to the back teeth of whining Scots bleating on about how wonderful they think it is in their bleak, forgotten backwater of rain and granite. They have been provided with a level of influence in the UK far in excess of that which they deserve or have earned, and it is about...