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    Waterproof socks

    Having suffered with this for a while I bit the bullet and bought some Sealskinz socks and they are excellent. For the first time in god knows how long, my feet were bone dry after a round. As someone mentioned, they felr a bit weird when I put them on (hard to describe, but almost like your...
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    Win a pair of FootJoy shoes

    Thomas US 15 - Europe 13
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    I bought today.....

    If you decide you're not going to get use out of it and are interested in selling, then let me know please as I'd be interested.
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    Does pace of play effect how you play

    Yes definitely. Just last night was playing in the weekly stableford roll up and was flying on the front 9 playing to handicap for 18 points. Suddenly we were getting held up and waiting on every tee and my game went to pot. This isn't a coincidence as it happens every time I'm hung around...
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    European Tour Social Media Pranks

    Yeah they've done a few great ones over the past few months. Excellent work.
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    Great article and nice to hear he's heading to a better place. Love the honesty and love him.
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    Why do you rarely get golf waterproofs with a hood?

    Not sure how that helps avoid rain down the back of the neck?
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    Hole in one - who pays?

    Not sure Insurance would cover Society days? At least mine doesn't. Has to be a verified comp I think.
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    Another record broke today

    I'll never forget the first time I played a new course up here - Longhirst Lakes if anyone knows it - and my pal lost 27 balls on the round! The worst thing was that 3 of them were mine as he'd only brought 24! :LOL:
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    Hi all

    Welcome, and ask away
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    Playing Multiple Courses

    100% this. I play better elsewhere and I think it's because I think about things a lot more, and have to visualise where I want to put my shots etc. I need to start doing this at my home course.
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    Golf clubs low on membership

    Totally agree with this. I also think clubs need to be fairer about their pricing of 9 holes - a lot of the places I've asked have been full 18 holes price / 2 + a random amount! I'd love to take my son for 9 most nights, and if it was about £10 I would, but it's usually more than that.
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    Golf watches

    The only thing with 2nd hand is the battery life will be poorer than a new one, so this needs to be considered as you want to be able to get a full 18 out of one at least. I'd definitely recommend one to anyone, regardless of handicap.
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    TaylorMade day at Woburn

    That sounds great. It's really got me thinking about going to get fitted for clubs at a place like this. The fact he was honest enough to tell you to stick with the putter is another bonus, as there are a lot of shysters out there.
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    Walking is an integral part of the (pro) game

    Yep - I agree with this.
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    2019 US PGA

    Also true, but I guess as already mentioned that is overlooked due to the tradition, history and heritage of The Open.
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    2019 US PGA

    I think the PGA suffered a bit in the 2000s too when you had one time major winners come out of nowhere like Rich Beem (Who I love on Sky, but he wasn't exactly a 'force' when he won) and Shaun Micheel, YE Yang etc.
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    World Golf Tour

    As good as this would be, for the reasons mentioned it just woldn't happen in my opinion.
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    How far do you live from your home course

    Just under 3 miles, and there are actually 3 courses closer (or just about) than that so I'm lucky in that regard.