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    Mid Am Tour - Warning

    No but I don't need to to know there are other costs involved. Travelling, hotels etc. That's all I'm saying. You know what F'it. Not worth my time debating this.
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    Mid Am Tour - Warning

    I'm not just talking about prize fund here. Reading the organisers e-mail there seem to be other costs associated with running this (Admin and staff costs etc) and a couple of K extra isn't going to go a long way. If he's running this under a company there are going to need to be company...
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    Mid Am Tour - Warning

    A couple of quid an event. That's not going to add up to much. From the update this guy is running this as a company. He will have costs to cover outside of the prize money and course fees etc. If they get some national union to run it for free then yes I could see it working. Even then the...
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    Mid Am Tour - Warning

    It's a shame but for something like this to be viable they'd need decent sponsorship to cover the costs of running the events as the entry fees alone will only cover so much. That's going to be tough when even the LET is struggling to retain sponsors. What would a sponsor really get for their...
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    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    Played today and wished I hadn't. Over the past 6 weeks I've probably played some of the best and consistent golf I've ever played. Pretty much every round has been 4-5 shots under my handicap. So looking forward to a good medal today. Show up early to hit some balls on the range as i need to...
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    WGC Mexico

    I think it was a fantastic tournament. As I've said, really enjoyed the layout of the place. Great win by DJ and another great performance by Rory. To say Rory lost it would be unkind. Maybe if he'd have holed a couple more putts on the front 9 on day 4 to put a bit more pressure on DJ it...
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    Fix it up n the course or play with what you got?

    One bad shot. No, i just accept it. I'm an amateur off 11 so I'm going to hit bad shots. I'll just accept it and move on. If it keeps happening and I know why then I'll try and fix it, if not then I have a 'go to' safe swing I can use to get it round if needed. I'll drop some distance but gain...
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    Travesty or True test?

    I think it has to be about enjoyment. I'm sure there are some people who would relish the challenge of playing in those conditions every round. But i think they'd be few and far between. i played a comp at Chesfield a week ago in howling winds, I absolutely loved it. Having to be creative and...
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    WGC Mexico

    Really enjoying this event. Love the layout of the course, tree lined parkland course a lot like we have here in the UK. Don't mind the fact the crowds are a bit quiet, rather have that than having 'Get in the hole' or 'Mash potato' shouted after every shot. Anyone see JT drive the green on 12...
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    Running 2 bags - Anyone do this?

    I've got 2 full sets but only use my main set and keep them in the car even though I have a locker at one of my clubs. I'm a member at 2 clubs and a practice at a third, so never quite sure where I'll be, and can't be arsed to run from club to club to pickup my gear. If I need the boot space...
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    Masters on the Beeb

    I'll be watching Sky all the way. Much prefer their coverage. They don't take themselves too seriously and the banter between Murray, Radar and Beemer makes it for me. BBC, just too stuffy and out of date for me. I just can't listen to the likes of Allis and Brown. Just puts me to sleep. That...
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    BMW PGA @ Wentworth

    I dunno. Can't see it myself. It'll still be a great even't I just not sure they'll get the same crowds. Which might actually be a good thing for the viewing as it was a PITA following any of the main groups last couple of years. :D I know quite a few guys who usually book tickets who aren't...
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    BMW PGA @ Wentworth

    Kind of how I'm feeling about it. I've been going for about 5-6 years now I think. I'd usually go Sunday and also one other day during the week and the weather has pretty much always been fantastic. Just wandering round in the sunshine watching a bit of golf. Can't beat it. Sept doesn't feel...
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    BMW PGA @ Wentworth

    I seem to be getting a lot of e-mails promoting ticket sales for it and suspect sales may well be down quite a bit. Just out of curiosity. Now it's moved to End September who's still going ? I would have usually pre-ordered my tickets by now, but I haven't as I probably won't go if the...
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    Practicing and boredom

    tbh I only go to the range when I'm working on something or trying to fix something. So I have a specific goal in mind, that keeps it interesting for me. Trying to work something out. Just hitting balls for the sake of it has some value, but can get boring unless you just enjoy hitting balls.
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    More slow play comments from Koepka

    tbh, I very rarely watch golf live anymore. I just record it and skip through. So slow play when i'm watching doesn't bother me. I think as Bob says biggest issue is people watching pro's play slow and then doing the same themselves.
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    More slow play comments from Koepka

    I suspect they know how long it takes and schedule accordingly. Think it only overran a few times last year on sky when the recording cut off before the final round had finished.
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    More slow play comments from Koepka

    Interesting comments from Brooks "It is frustrating. There's a lot of slow players, a lot of them are kind of the very good players, too, which is kind of the problem," Koepka said. "I think it's weird how we have rules where we have to make sure it's dropping from knee height or the caddie...
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    Slow play is great!

    I've got a new take on slow play. I don't think people do it deliberately or for that matter even realise they're doing it. My regular PP is a bit of a faffer and can be a bit distracted at times. More than once I've been standing on the next tee talking to him only to realise he's actually...
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    No longer buying new balls

    Yep, exact conclusion I came to last year. And it's made absolutely no difference to my ability (or inability) to score.