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  1. Coffey

    Irish Open 2020 - Mount Juliet

    So it has just been announced that the Irish Open in 2020 will be held at Mount Juliet. I thought this would be coming with the change of dates but I am still disappointed they have moved away from Links courses. This can only have a detrimental effect on the competition with the schedule...
  2. Coffey

    Golf in Spain - Near Malaga

    So we booked a trip to Spain for late February. We are going to play 3 rounds at La Cala. Yet on the day we arrive we have nothing booked so we are looking for a course between Malaga airport and La Cala which we could play. Anyone have any recommendations of any courses? Or is La Cala the...
  3. Coffey

    9 hole qualifiers - Is getting cut easier?

    9 hole qualifying events have became very popular in NI over the last few years for mid week competitions. We actually run 2 per week across both our courses. One thing I cannot understand is how the shots are allocated. I get that it is based on stroke indexes of the holes which are played yet...
  4. Coffey

    What would you do? Another slow play thread

    Interested in hearing your thoughts on a current situation we are experiencing. This could get quite long so bare with me.. We tee off every Saturday morning at 7.24 and pace of play is generally good yet there is one group right behind us which are causing issues saying we are slow. The first...
  5. Coffey

    Additional Tickets for the The Open will be released on 15th April

    There will be an additional 15000 tickets released on the 15th April for The Open for anyone who missed out first time round. They have increased the amount of seating available which has allowed them to increase the ticket capacity. I am sure they will go quickly so worthwhile signing up for...
  6. Coffey

    Golf in Portugal

    Hi All, Heading to Portugal on Thursday for 5 nights to play golf. There are 8 of us and we have 4 rounds booked across Salgados, Alamos and Morgado courses with the second round on the same course included. We have a spare day on the Saturday and 4 of the group are planning on taking a day off...
  7. Coffey

    American Golf- are they safe?

    So just popped into AG tonight to see their sale and the place was absolutely crammed with bargains. 2016 m1’s for £49 G400 drivers for £149 Ping iblades for £249 which were 349 yesterday. Clothes for £5 Callaway apex cf16 Forged 3-PW were £199 They even had a section which just said...
  8. Coffey

    What would you do?

    At the start of the year I was struggling a lot with hitting snap hooks with the driver and over turning basically all my irons. Had a few lessons and practiced and during the year and managed to start fading all my clubs. About a month later that fade with the driver turned into a slice and I...
  9. Coffey

    Thursday 12th July- Anyone for a game in NI?

    Off work on Thursday 12th for bank holiday. Anyone for a game in and around Belfast area? Good few opens on or can host at Clandeboye. Happy to travel within a reasonable distance and can play basically anytime but would prefer to be home around 3pm.
  10. Coffey

    Mourne Golf Club Open week

    Mourne Golf Club play their golf on both of the RCD courses and their open week tee booking opened yesterday. Open week starts on the 9th July and the following events are scheduled: Monday 9th: Championship Links Men's Open Stableford- £50 Tuesday 10th: Championship Links Men's Open fourball...
  11. Coffey

    How many consecutive cuts?

    So my aim this year was to get down to 12 handicap from starting at 14.5. 4 qualifying competitions later and I have managed to get cut down to 12.2. I have been cut in every one of the qualifying competitions I have played in. Nothing really spectacular in any of the rounds but have been...
  12. Coffey

    Constant battle with driver spin rates

    Will try and keep this brief but basically last season I was having an issue with the driver spinning too high, around the 3500 mark. Purchased an M1 with a black hzrdus shaft which helped the issue and was hitting good shots. My swing has now improved and went for a lesson on Tuesday to...
  13. Coffey

    Titleist Stay Dry Stand bag leg broken

    So I was at the range tonight and stupidly I tripped over the leg of my Titleist stay dry stand bag leg and it snapped. Does anyone know if these legs can be replaced or is there a way to fix it? The bag was only bought mid last season and is in great condition other wise :angry::sbox: Really...
  14. Coffey

    How's your winter prep going?

    So Spring is around the corner and the season is getting closer. How is everyone feeling for the season ahead? Has your winter prep been going well and now in a good place for the next season? I have been playing quite a lot this winter and had a few lessons to make a few changes to my swing...
  15. Coffey

    Shaft Comparison

    So I am looking at changing my driver shaft as I had a hit of a few in AG and they seemed to be bringing my spin rate down and giving me a much better flight. Currently I have a 2016 M1 which is set to 11.5 degrees and has the weight fully back. The shaft is a 60g Kuro Kage stiff and when on my...
  16. Coffey

    Scoring during the winter

    We had our first proper winter comp this year. Fairway mats, off the greens, lift clean and replace everywhere and over 15 holes. The results are in and a 10 handicap shot 2 under gross for 40 points. Obviously the course plays a bit easier with the holes being slightly shorter (Although...
  17. Coffey

    Competition winner!

    So I entered a competition with a local travel firm for a 3 night 2 round holiday in Portugal. Got an email through today saying that I won!! Playing the Morgado and Alamos courses. Anyone ever played them? Has anyone been to the Algarve to play golf in March? Still can't believe it!
  18. Coffey

    Buying a second hand car

    Hey all, just looking for some advice as I've never done this before.. I am contemplating buying a new (to me) car from a dealer close to me. The current car I own still has finance outstanding but the car should be worth more than what is outstanding. The car I am looking to get is more...
  19. Coffey

    Winter is coming!

    Had our weekly club comp today, turned up and had a sign stating it was preferred lies on the fairway! We have had quite a lot of rain the past 2 weeks in NI and the course just cant keep up. Today we had rain for most of the morning but the remainder of the day was pretty warm (for NI)...
  20. Coffey

    Crime stories/podcasts

    Anyone into crime stories or podcasts? Anyone listened to Serial? If not, give it a listen, absolutely crazy and a great listen.