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  1. Boabski

    Wilson Staff Players Iron 2019

    Very nice - Wilson Staff tip end gear looks the business
  2. Boabski

    Would you walk off if you injured yourself?

    I would have walked , golf will still be there when you recover , someone already said, it’s a game , we don’t rely on it to pay the mortgage
  3. Boabski

    Favourite Masters Memories

    Got to be Tigers chip in on 16 for me , the shot itself , the way he used the slope , the way the ball stopped to show the Nike sign before the ball dropped and the reaction from both Tiger with caddie and the crowd
  4. Boabski

    Titleist - Make a Wish

    This is an amazing story !! Makes you put things into perspective and stop moaning , this wee fella is a brave lad
  5. Boabski

    What TWO things really wind you up on your course?

    Bad etiquette and hitting a good shot and ending up in a divot. 🤬
  6. Boabski

    Happy Days!

    Back on the real stuff Clive !! Can’t beat it
  7. Boabski

    What sort of baller are you?

    Probably the pro v, been trying the AVX lately and like that also , it’s a bit softer sounding off the driver and putter , still a work in progress
  8. Boabski

    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    And my putter was on strike !!
  9. Boabski

    Favourite golf vlogger?

    Rick Sheils and Peter finch for me Just like these guys better , no disrespect to anyone else
  10. Boabski

    Questionnaire for uni

    If you feel between 18 and 29 can you fill it in 😂
  11. Boabski

    Top Five All Time Favorite Golfers

    Wow , how good is that video , the ball striking by Seve was phenomenal
  12. Boabski

    Top Five All Time Favorite Golfers

    Tom Watson Couples Garcia Stenson Scott
  13. Boabski

    Mentmore Golf Club - Abandoned Pictures

    Sad to see another golf course having to close its doors - not good
  14. Boabski

    3 Clubs and a putter comp

    Diver , 6 iron and PW for me
  15. Boabski

    Poulter abused by fans at Players

    I thought I heard stuff being shouted at Poulter when watching the players, Poults should call these idiots out , Mclroy did it during a Ryder cup and got the guy launched out. I agree that the stewards and others in the crowd should police this better
  16. Boabski


    Same story as a few of the offer lads ,bought on line , great service , decent prices , would recommend them
  17. Boabski

    Underarmour Spieth Shoes

    Straight to the point Jacko 😂
  18. Boabski

    Underarmour Spieth Shoes

    Is it wrong to ask Jordan Speiths fellow pros to wear shoes that are named after him ? It may be just me but I think there something wrong with that, what do you think ?
  19. Boabski

    Club shirt for matches

    Our club was sponsored last year so we were issued one free by the club , previously we asked the lads in the team to sell a football card and we made money that way to reduce the. It’s foe the club
  20. Boabski

    Custom fitting flawed?

    Definitely some mileage in tbat argument, the video makes sense to me