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    BMW PGA @ Wentworth

    I seem to be getting a lot of e-mails promoting ticket sales for it and suspect sales may well be down quite a bit. Just out of curiosity. Now it's moved to End September who's still going ? I would have usually pre-ordered my tickets by now, but I haven't as I probably won't go if the...
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    More slow play comments from Koepka

    Interesting comments from Brooks "It is frustrating. There's a lot of slow players, a lot of them are kind of the very good players, too, which is kind of the problem," Koepka said. "I think it's weird how we have rules where we have to make sure it's dropping from knee height or the caddie...
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    Handicap Cards

    Somehow I didn't play enough qualifying rounds to keep my handicap last year so need to put in 3 new cards to get a new handicap. :oops: I know, my fault, but would have been nice for the club to give me a heads up beforehand. Quick question. I'm a member at 2 clubs. Do I need 3 cards from...
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    FS - SkyCaddie Touch & 12 Months Birdy membership

    Selling my SkyCaddie touch as I now have the SGx500. Good conditions. Couple of minor scuffs on the screen that you can't even see when it's on. Has no cracks. (See pictures below) Comes with USB charging cable and 12 months Birdy membership worth £30. Looking for £120. SkyCaddie Product...
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    Ball snobs

    OK probably about to open a big can of worms. I used to be a self confessed ball snob. Would pretty much only use Prov's, Z-stars or equivalent. Over the past year I brought 100 lake balls to practice with. I'd play my normal ball, if I didn't pull off the shot I grab a lake ball from my bag...
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    Acupuncture for lower back pain

    Any one had any experience, good or bad ? Running out of things to try. Back is fine during normal day to day stuff. I don't get any pain when I play, but my lower back will kill me afterwards for at least a day, usually two. Same if I work on the car for a few hours. And if I'm driving in the...
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    SkyCaddie SX500 - First impressions

    So was lucky enough to get my SX500 a few days early and thought I'd share my initial thoughts in case anyone else is thinking about purchasing. Firstly bit of history. i'm a huge fan of the Skygolf products. I've had a SC2.5, SGX, SGXw and the Touch. So I have some benchmarks to compare it to...
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    No Driver - Maybe

    So after years of struggling with the driver I've been experimenting with a driving iron for the past week with pretty good results. My driver I'll maybe hit 1 in 10 fairways, and the misses can be massive. And i mean massive. Driving iron I'm probably hitting 8 out of 10 fairways, and the...
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    How to attract more players - Or not ?

    We've had a number of discussions on this and was just watching Peter Finch's latest YouTube video and it got me thinking. Do we actually need to attract more players ? i.e. Increase the overall number of players. I'm mainly thinking about the UK here where the game is well established. Not...
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    Fitness golf

    Just got this in an e-mail from SkyGolf as I have a SkyTrak. Honestly, what were they thinking. Linking a launch monitor to fitness equipment so you can walk, run or cycle the holes you are playing.
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    Limiting factors ?

    What do you guys see as the limiting factors to a golfer improving ? I've been stuck at around 11-12 handicap for about 4 years now. Despite regular lessons, spending a lot of time practicing and playing 2-3 times a week (in the summer at least) I don't seem to actually be improving. If...
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    Modern 1 iron

    During the Players the commentators seemed to focus in on some players starting to use 1 irons off the tee. Mainly DJ and Rory. Now I know modern 1 irons aren't the butter knives they used to be and close to impossibly for us mortals to hit, so are they worth considering now ? Anyone use one ?
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    Golf is stupid and makes no sense

    I just don't get it. playing my first medal of the year on Sunday so decided to get a bit of practice in. Few range sessions Mon and Tue, no really swing changes just working on repetitions. Played 9 Wed night and 9 last night, doing all the things I'm supposed. Strict PSR, Get my target, get...
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    SkyTrak - First Impessions

    So after going back and forth on it over the past year finally bit the bullet and got a SkyTrak. First impressions are a bit mixed. Initial setup was a bit of a faff but got it working OK. First use on the range went well. Out of about 100 balls with various clubs it only got the flight wrong...
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    False Economies

    Was thinking the other day about where it's worth spending premium money on golf equipment and where it's not, but we do anyway. The only area I could actually think of where you should probably spend as much as you can afford was shoes. Maybe good waterproofs if you play in rain a lot. Lets...
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    Holiday location suggestions

    We've been staying at a villa in Mar Menor in Spain for the past few years. Love the villa, course is ok'ish but not much to do at night. Looking for some other suggestions of locations around Europe. It's just me and the girlfriend and I'll probably play 2-3 times during the week. So not...
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    SkyTrak & V1 Golf Bundle

    Just got an e-mail about this from V1 Golf. Been tempted by SkyTrak for a while but seem just too expensive for my liking. V1 are offering a bundle of SkyTrak and V1 SkyTrak Golf app, which apparently will have SkyTrak integration, for $1,695. It's a US deal but said contact them for pricing in...
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    British Masters - Good viewing spots ?

    I'm going tomorrow and looking for some suggestions for a few good viewing spots. We tend to follow a group around and then find a few places to stop and watch for a while.
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    Singh vs PGA about to get nasty

    just read this over on GolfWRX If I'm reading this correctly the judge has taken away the PGA's right to heavily redact it's evidence and it's now full public domain. Which means Singh can now basically hold...
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    Not Missing Sunday Morning Golf

    Posted about this a while back. But I'd got fed up with the pace of play at my place on the weekend mornings. I just wasn't enjoying playing and standing around on every shot. Main reason is too many people on the course at the same time and the club doesn't seem to be interested in addressing...