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    Accessing GM website

    I find it really difficult to find a way to navigate straight to the GM website homepage from the forum pages. What am I missing?
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    Cleaning Golf Bag. Tips needed

    What do folks use to clean their golf bag, in particular white fabric panels Soap water and elbow grease will clean a lot but not enough Kitchen cream cleaners etc are better but still not white enough
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    80's Christmas movie conundrum

    Aaarrgghhh Both started within 5 mins of each other half an hour ago on my satellite provider and no pvr... what did I choose and what would you choose? Leathal Weapon Die Hard
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    Christmas Preparations

    Ok there's a lot of crap going on in the world but with a week to go this is a light hearted covid free thread to talk about how you're preparing for Christmas day this year. A thread to post what your plans are, what do you have to do/get/arrange etc, things you can't get :eek: ... and also to...
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    What Do You Expect From a ‘Royal’ Course

    A random comment on another thread got me wondering about opinions on the above Q I’ve never played a Royal course. I have googled it so if the internet is to be believed I know why a course might get the tag (& it seems to have little to do with design or quality) So as a visiting punter do...
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    Irons Only

    Had the chance for an unplanned round at the weekend so decided to tee it forward one box from the comp tees and play ‘irons only’ (it drops the course length by 400y to about 6000y) and while I took FW & Hybrid I wanted to hit 5 Iron (or less) off as many tees/2nd shots as I felt like (ended up...
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    What Are You Wearing?

    What items of PPE are you typically wearing/using when you go outside? I believe that as the numbers go down in many countries one of the primary things we all need to learn as lockdowns are lifted is that when it comes back (& it will) have you learned to consistently protect yourself more than...
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    Christmas Day Golf (& Boxing Day)

    Don't we usually have a thread for who's getting out and about for a round of golf on Christmas Day? Maybe I've missed it but if not here it is... Where/when you playing? I have a 07:30 tee time booked for the local course at MC Le Golf on Christmas day. Just going out with a mate for 18...
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    European Tour 2020 Season : General Discussion Thread

    I know we're still at the tail end of 2019 but the new season is underway and we're one event into it after yesterday with some good TV drama on the final couple of holes. Pleased to see Larrazabal get the win with a late birdie run after his blister problem Not sure if the final day course set...
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    Saying "Thank You for Your Service"

    Interested to hear general thoughts and I'm aware we've forum members who've served/are serving in the armed forces As per thread title, is it just an American thing (if so should it remain like that) If it already happens in the UK what is your opinion of it (& is that opinion based on being...
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    Golfer or Street Artist

    Saw Justin Thomas wearing a hoodie for a couple of days play at the weekend, comp still seemed to run ok (and obviously didn’t do his standard of play any harm) If we take an individual & give him that hoodie, Van Rooyen’s elasticated joggers, Tigers ‘T’ shirts, Coetzee's neck/face mask...
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    Drawn Comps

    On Tour we know that it isn’t a draw for rounds 1 & 2 in the real sense of the word Players are grouped together as marque groups Marque groups are given selected (not drawn) tee times for TV I also imagine players who actively dislike each other will be kept apart and a few other...
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    Flag it

    Just for some frivolous stuff for a Friday, what’s your courses’ flags for the greens. One colour throughout, numbered, mixed colours, club crest/logo, something else? Do they have any significance other than telling you where the hole is? Local course currently using a floral design flag...
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    1st Hole - Score for the round

    Just a random thought, some of you might keep stats & others just educated guesses If you played your opening hole over and over 18 times to make up your 'round' of golf, how would your scoring be for the round compared to a regular round and would your handicap change much? (if at all)
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    Matchplay query

    I don’t think this’ll fall under Rules but looking for suggestions given the experience you guys have. Treat as hypothetical based on the below scenario as I'm not sure I have full info anyway 1st round Matchplay tie between Player A and B Winner will play Player C in round 2 Neither...
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    148th Open Championship

    With the groups & tee times out now I guess its safe enough to have a thread on it... Oh, for those that like a flutter maybe you could create a separate 'betting' thread? (ta)
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    The MOT

    Car just had its first ‘MOT’, I think there's three primary differences to getting one in the UK Cars only require a test when it reaches 7 years old (is the UK still 3?) First MOT lasts 2 years not 1 All cars go to dedicated government test centres round the country, no garages do these...
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    Who do you trust?

    Just a silly thing for a Friday but here’s a small example: My car’s off getting serviced so I have a little pile on things on my desk that wouldn’t normally be there, some keys, usb stick, gate remote, spare glasses etc & it occurred to me that when some other bloke took it away for a...
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    Golf Random Irritations

    Can't find one of these (if we've even had one before) and I think it might be useful since golf irritations might get overlooked in the general OOB thread I'll start with mine from the weekend... Commentators (rightly) lauding up players when they land the ball several yards past the pin and...
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    Quite a frank and open blog from him; Interesting to read what he's going through, hope he can get back to Valdarama form soon