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    "Cheating"; "Cheater"

    It certainly appears that any mention of "cheating" or "cheater" causes posters great consternation, as it should - it's emotional and it puts others in a position where they feel compelled to defend themselves, also emotionally. Imo, these words are accusatory and shouldn't be used in a Rules...
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    Club Presentations

    Someone had previously posted a link to England Golf's club presentation, but I can't find it. Can it be reposted? Thanks!
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    Serious breach of Etiquette

    I'd say the player should be disqualified for a serious breach of etiquette (Rule 33-7). I wonder if the PGATour will have the jam to do that or will they just fine him...
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    Purpose of the Rules Quizzes

    As I said earlier, the Rules Quizzes that have been posted were a follow on from the thread "Ball Unplayable - play provisional instead?' and meant to be educational. They are nearly all part of a collection of "Rules Myths" that I've heard over the years - some humorous and some serious, but...
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    Rules Quiz IV - true or false?

    1. If your ball is not on the green, you may not have the flag attended; you must choose between 'In' or 'Out'. 2. A player off the green must play before a player on the green regardless of the distance to the hole. 3. If you strike a ball accidentally during a practice swing, it...
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    Rules Quiz III - true or false?

    1. Proceeding under Rule 24-2 (immovable obstruction) or 25-1 (abnormal ground condition) must be witnessed by your opponent or fellow-competitor. 2. If you make strokes at two wrong balls in succession, you are penalized 4 strokes. 3. You may not remove a stake defining the water...
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    Rules Quiz II - true or false?

    "Line of flight" relief is allowed in the Rules of Golf. You cannot practice on the putting green of the hole last played. You may not change the type of ball you are playing between holes. You can't lay your clubs down in a hazard. You always have to ask your opponent/fellow competitor...
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    Brief Rules quiz - true or false?

    1. You are not allowed to keep score with a pencil that has an eraser, since you might change the scores on the card. 2. You are not allowed to change clubs once you have entered the bunker. 3. Your ball lies deep in the gorse; after deeming it unplayable, you can measure 2 club...
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    Handicaps - how many scores entered per year per player?

    The previous topic on handicaps tweaked my interest regarding the number of scores a player enters each year for his handicap. I've heard some suggestions that the average number of scores entered by a player each year in the UK/Europe is around 4, whereas in NA it's around 40. Looking at my...