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  1. Canary Kid

    Who is this and what happened?

    The Concession. Nicklaus and Jackiln … Ryder Cup.
  2. Canary Kid

    Who is this and what happened?

    It is Came Down GC in Dorset. Samuel Ryder was a member there … he of Ryder Cup fame. The then club pro was in the first UK Ryder Cup team.
  3. Canary Kid

    Who is this and what happened?

    Nope, sorry.
  4. Canary Kid

    Who is this and what happened?

    Another change of tack. This is the first tee at which golf course and who, while a member there, was responsible for introducing something big in golf.
  5. Canary Kid

    Trendy 7 Wood

    I have had one for a couple of years … a 5W and a 7W. Both Ping SFT models.
  6. Canary Kid

    Golf Landmark

    Well done! Me next perhaps.
  7. Canary Kid

    I bought today.....

    The adverts say it is 3,000 lumens 😳😳
  8. Canary Kid

    Would you use a caddy in your weekend medal?

    No … the odds are that they would be a far better player than me.
  9. Canary Kid

    PCC to be reviewed

    I wasn’t comparing it to any rating methodology in the past … I was merely pointing out that it is inherently spurious. This is because it cannot be accurately measured. Distance, time, speed etc. are factors can be be accurately measured, whereas the difficulty of a golf course is not. One...
  10. Canary Kid

    I bought today.....

    … or the rough, gorse, trees … (or is that just me?)
  11. Canary Kid

    PCC to be reviewed

    Any idea how they could do that? The calculation of a handicap is a precise mathematical exercise (albeit based upon an element of spurious data in the form of the slope rating), but any adjustment for conditions would surely be somewhat arbitrary.
  12. Canary Kid

    Job at the Old Course Hotel

    Only thinking of herself … they can be ungrateful! 😂
  13. Canary Kid

    Am I at the end of my golfing road ?

    I agree fully with those who echoed the phrase “if the fun stops …”. Life is too short to do something you don’t enjoy, whatever the reason for your lack of enjoyment. It seems to me that you have two choices; give up or get over your perfectionist streak and just enjoy the walk/fresh...
  14. Canary Kid

    Not sleeping before playing EARLY golf. Suggestions please!

    This happens to me … I think it is a subconscious fear that one will sleep too well and not wake up in time, even with the alarm set. Fortunately, the lack of sleep doesn’t seem to adversely affect my game … not that it is great at the best of times. 😂
  15. Canary Kid

    How is your course in the winter ?

    Mine is very wet and has been closed for a week before today … it is open today, but carry only. This is not unusual. If a course is on land which doesn’t drain well, e.g. clay, it will always be a problem. Most courses are wet at the moment, it is just a question of how wet. I often play...
  16. Canary Kid

    2022-a New Year?

    Yep … HNY. Hopefully a covid free one at some point.
  17. Canary Kid

    Golf Random Irritations

    Me too … would never have imagined it, but it has happened.
  18. Canary Kid

    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    I hope you repaired that pitch mark 😳🤣
  19. Canary Kid

    Two sided putter

  20. Canary Kid

    Two sided putter

    Does a double sided putter count as two clubs out of the 14 permissible?