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  1. Range_Ball

    How much would you pay for membership

    Living out in the Oman as you can imagine grass is a hard to come by. But Muscat the capital city as a 18 hole course (Muscat Hills) which is without doubt the best and only course in the area. This course IMO is an average course in the UK. Problem being the membership is £2100 pounds per...
  2. Range_Ball

    Ryder Cup Favourite

    The European team as a quality line up, for this years Ryder Cup.But who do you think is their best player and who is your favourite. For me Graham McDowell on both counts. "COME ON EUROPE" :) RB
  3. Range_Ball

    Sidaro app I phone

    I am considering purchasing the Sidaro application for my I phone just wanted to know if anyone out there as it is it any good and more importantly it worth the £29.99 cost. RB
  4. Range_Ball

    Driving Revelation

    Have got to say i was never the best off the tee with my driver and most of the time either found the rough or the woods. This as you can imagine was getting me down in more ways than one so off i went to the local golf centre to have a lesson with scott the local pro. Bottom line i was over...
  5. Range_Ball

    If you could play one of round golf who would it be with and why

    Don't know if this as been done as a thread but if you could play one round of golf who would it be with and why? For me it would have to have been SEVE just to see some of the amazing shots that he could hit and maybe teach me something about the short game.
  6. Range_Ball

    What are you looking forward to

    I was just wondering what you are looking foward to in this coming golfing year. For me the list is quite long but i think playing different courses and seeing how my game as devoloped over the winter would be a good start. Most of all my son picking up a golf club for the frist time and it goes...
  7. Range_Ball

    English Open

    Can anyone tell me why St Mellion in Cornwall have pulled the plug on the English Open until 2010. I was quite looking forward to watching it as it s just down the road. No doubt its money driven. RB
  8. Range_Ball

    Golfers Biographies

    Has anyone read any good biographies on golfers past or present which are actually worth a read if so have you got any good reccomendations as i have just finished SEVE "Golfs Flawed Genius". (not really a biography as it was written by Robert Green) Still and interesting read. Regards RB
  9. Range_Ball

    Stapleford Comp

    I am playing in my frist 72 hole stapleford comp in early Aug over 2 days. Has anyone played in this sort of comp if so what advice and or strategy would you suggest. My current H.Cap is 25 the obvious thing to do is try and score on every hole over the two days. Thanks RB
  10. Range_Ball

    Learning the rules

    I have been playing golf for about 18 months and have been picking up the rules has i go as you do. However i have two mates i play with 7 and 5 H,Caps repsectfully. They have come up with a novel way of teaching me some of the rules (LEARN BY YOUR MISTAKES) Whenever i play a round with them...
  11. Range_Ball


    Have had a few beeers and have logged on at 0240 hrs to find that there are 103 fellow like minded readers are veiwing the forum. To ALL come and join this great forum and express want you want to discuss you will find everyone helpful and give their opinon one way or another on all subjects to...
  12. Range_Ball

    Short Game DVD

    I am looking for a short game instructional DVD to help my short game, as i would like to tighten up in this area in the forthcoming season and try and bring the H,Cap down. Can anyone recommend anything that would be suitable and enlightning. Cheers RB
  13. Range_Ball

    Loss of Confidence

    Played last week Weds and Thurs and was hitting the ball ok, then last night at the driving range i just went into melt down. Started to hit a few pitches and alike and then moved up to my 7 iron, this is where i feel i have lost total confidence. I could not get one ball airbourne i was either...
  14. Range_Ball

    Club Advice

    I have currently got a club/clubs gap in my bag 4 utility to my 3 wood and am not sure with what to fill it with as i do not want to waste my money on getting the wrong club. Any advice would be great thanks
  15. Range_Ball

    What would you do with 50K

    What would you do with 50K? because i am sure that if i had 50K spare to spend then it would not be all go on a golf membership thats for sure. Like a said in a previous reply that there are people out there that would be quite happy to part with that amount of money what i will say they must...
  16. Range_Ball


    Hi Having been watching this forum for a couple of weeks after a reccomendation from a mate, i have now made the leap and become a forum member. Just has a way of introduction i have currently been playing this infectious game for around 12 months and have a H/Cap of 24 But hope to bring this...