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    Gender Free/Neutral Tees

    Can anyone explain precisely what this means? My club's red tees are rated for both men and women. Our yellow course is only just over 6,000 yards and we are likely to get those tees rated for ladies as well, not sure why we didn’t originally. However, one of our committee members is of the...
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    10 minute intervals

    Does anyone know whether it is permissible to have a shorter gap between 2-balls? My club is operating a policy of 18 holes teeing off between 7.30 and 5.00 so 116 people can play every day. Everything is going well, in fact I loved my first game, millionaires golf, round in just over 3 hours...
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    Competition tee time booking

    How does your club manage the booking of tee times for competitions, especially at weekends? The reason for asking is that my club is considering changing the present system because it is seen as unfairly favouring members who are retired or don't work. The computer opens in the clubhouse at...
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    Resolving Ties in Medals

    I am wondering if there is a difference between the methods used by clubs to resolve ties in medals where there is no playoff. I am sure everyone uses the back 9,6,3,2,1 etc system, but it is possible to use either a percentage of handicap, or alternatively apply stroke index. I believe that...
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    Handicapping question

    I wonder of any forumites with knowledge of the handicapping system could give their thoughts on the following scenario: A golfer (age early 20's) leaves his club. At the time of his departure his handicap is 8. Over a year (but less than 2 years) later he joins another club, puts his three...
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    American Golf - poor service

    Bad experience with the American Golf store at Trent Lock Notts. I reserved some shoes on the 'Click and Collect' system. On arriving a few hours later, they couldn't find them, despite the stock apparently being there. I was promised they would get them from a nearby store that evening and keep...