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    Bunker - unplayable lie

    In a comp today I was on our par 4 9th in 3 shots but faced with a very quick 10 foot downhill putt, which I made a hash of - putting off the green into a bunker that is set several feet below green level. After 3 poor bunker shots and a chip/2 putts, I eventually walked off with a 10. This...
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    Played wrong ball

    Hi Can someone please advise re correct ruling per an incident i was involved in at a comp last Sat; I played my tee shot to a par 3, saw the ball hit bank of green and run down severe slope to an area of rough. Assuming ball may be lost i played a provissional which finished 8 feet from the...
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    Wet sand bunker shots

    Hi Can anyone please advise a fairly straightforward method for playing greenside bunker shots out of wet sand? Last week i did some practice, and thought i had found a decent method - using my 60 degree 06 bounce lob wedge, square clubface, playing the ball back in my stance, and hitting...
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    Taylormade Hi Toe Big Foot wedges

    Hi Has anyone tried one of these - anygood? I currently carry 56/12 and 60/06, but wondered if one Taylormade (only available in 58 or 60) would be sufficient for all greenside bunker play and lob shots? Use my PW/GW for pitching and so this new club would only be used around the greens...
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    Slow play - golf club options

    Hi Just wanted forum input re possible solutions for slow play issues now being experienced at our club. We have several "fiddle" groups that play Sat mornings and these generally all play at the same times in club comps. Throughtout the year we have regularly experienced slow play from two of...
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    Outside Agency

    Hi Yesterday in a comp one of my playing partners hit his ball into a stream that runs between the hole we were playing and the next. Before we had got to the stream, a player who was playing the next hole and looking in the stream for his ball, reached into the stream & picked up my PPs ball...
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    Pro - new shoes

    Hi Am sure this will have been asked before & hope not a stupid question. How often will a Tour Pro wear a brand new pair of shoes ie, every few events. Assume not every week as would potentially need to break them in rather than risk discomfort during a round. Cheers Rich
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    1pMobile Pay As You Go

    Hi Has anyone got any experience of this mobile network provider - good or bad? My mobile contract has now expired and as i really only use it for texts and the odd call/low internet useage, am looking to revert to pay as you go. This network charge is £10 every 120 days, calls 1p per min and...
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    Slow Play

    Hi I see the European Tour showed that they mean business in their efforts to remove slow play, by fining Matt Wallace £3000 last weekend. That will have hit him very hard, particularly with him only getting a £250k RtD top 10 bonus pot in addition to his 2nd place prize money, and should...
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    Scudamore £5m bonus

    Hi Simple question - how does anyone consider this to be acceptable? His mate at Chelsea has somehow got all the PL clubs to chuck £250k into a pot as a leaving present for him (on top of his £2.5m pa salary). Scudamore should be embarrassed to accept this - why is this not being given to...