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  1. Boomy

    Harold Swash Putter? Anybody know?

    We are trying to identify this putter and wondered if anyone can help please? We believe it could be quite an old one? It doesn’t have any markings on the head, just on the shaft which says: Align4, British and Foreign Design Registrations and Made in U.K. It also has a logo and info on the grip...
  2. Boomy

    Galvin Green Waterproof Trousers - Andy vrs Arthur?

    I’m looking into waterproof trousers at the moment and tried on some GG Andy’s last night - they were very comfortable but seemed quite ‘heavy’ After a little bit of research I spotted that GG do an Arthur model which is advertised as paclite - has anyone got any first hand experience with both...
  3. Boomy

    Post Lockdown Competitions 2021 🔙🔛 - How are you getting on? Are you playing in one this week?

    New back (Sept 20) to playing golf after a 10 year break and I’m playing in my first competition today in well over 11 years... White tees, medal format on Silloth - should be fun 😎 How are you getting on in competitions this season? Are you playing today? 🏌🏻‍♂️
  4. Boomy

    American spectators... Add to the atmosphere or irritating?

    With no crowds at events over recent months I’d forgot just how irritating (a lot of) American spectators are 😣 All the whooping and hollering, pointless screeches and “you da man” is nearly enough to mute the sound. It seems to be worse than ever, maybe it’s just because there’s only 25%...
  5. Boomy

    Cobra Copper Irons - Yay or Nay 🤔

    Personally I think these are stunning looking irons.. if I could hit a ball with them I think I might of treated myself 😂 What do you think?
  6. Boomy

    Slow Play - Not worth a punch in the face?

    Obviously it’s only a tiny article in the paper, so much of the story is probably missing but... I wonder if they politely asked to play though? Or if there had been more comments/abuse exchanged prior to the punch. Either way there’s no excuse for punching anyone - it’s only a game!
  7. Boomy

    What’s your flatstick of choice? ⛳️

    It is normal to build up a collection of putters, right? I love my old Wilson TPA XVIII putter and Odyssey centre shaft 2 ball but there’s a new (old) kid in town and well it just feels great. I think it’s from circa 2010 - does anyone know for sure? It’s very clean, has the original 33” Art of...
  8. Boomy

    Realistically... will amateur big participation events/opens be able to take place this year?

    With the virus now affecting younger and younger people, and the vaccination program taking pretty much the full year to roll out will it be possible to have large participation events/opens this summer? There’s no doubt that golf courses can be open and played as safely as possible with social...
  9. Boomy

    Yes or No to yardage book/scorecard holders? and if yes share yours 📸

    I ordered myself a yardage book/scorecard holder from Sunfish a week or so ago as I couldn’t find anything beyond the basic PVC/ backed card ones here on the UK. I shared my ‘exciting’ news with a golf buddy - who replied that they were completely pointless and I have pockets so put the...
  10. Boomy

    Shinkwin is a disgrace!

    Has anyone else noticed how disgraceful Callum Shinkwin’s behaviour is/has been whilst playing at Cyprus? His language is disgusting, yes we all mutter the odd potty mouth but he is a professional athlete, live on daytime television with children watching and looking up to him as a pro! Also his...