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    Laughter - the best medicine

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    Mens wrist watches

    A Hamilton Khaki Automatic (Swiss made, despite the name) for daily use, a Seiko Quartz (a lesser watch, but looks fancier) for nights out.
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    Insanity. When the Tesla bubble bursts, the weeping will commence.
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    Ditching the driver

    So does she.
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    Random Irritations

    Sorry, but doesn't, "Do you want to leave a tip?" give you the option of saying "No"? Sounds like a choice to me.
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    Ping irons -current lead times?

    I'm so glad that I got my G410 clubs early in 2020. I even got an excellent deal on a new G400 driver. Trailing edge technology is fine by me.
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    Were people always this crazy?

    It used to be folks would only express their wacky opinions with a few other ne'er-do-wells when sitting at the bar (Beer Hall Putsch anyone?), but now the entire world is one big bar filled with wackos.
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    "London golf courses could provide homes for 300,000 people, study says"
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    Random Irritations

    We live next to an elementary school and during holidays we miss hearing the little dears running around screaming their heads off during playtime. The noise/laughter is only really between (about) 9am and 4pm and it brightens up our day.
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    Random Irritations

    You don't have to worry until they can fly. Uh-oh...
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    Random Irritations

    "Ready for the future" = concept
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    Random Irritations

    And just because farmers used to use horses to till their land, it doesn't mean things will always be that way.
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    Random Irritations

    Not at all. I was speaking of rush hour as a concept, not how you use it, or operate within it, or tell others how to deal with it.
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    Random Irritations

    No. But employers will soon be switching to other systems because (Ta-Da!) it will be cheaper for them to do so. Why rent 12,000 square meters of expensive office space in a fancy building in The City when you can get by with 2,000?
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    Random Irritations

    Wouldn't 10-12 pints of cheap beer handle that?
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    Random Irritations

    "Rush" hours have occurred because of the fact that many people converged on a limited area, call it a city, in order to "work" for a "standard" work day, say 9am to 5pm. Covid has proven that working from home, or perhaps satellite offices, is do-able for a substantial percentage of workers...
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    Random Irritations

    Covid has not effected you.
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    Random Irritations

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    Back From St Pierre , Nefyn and Royal St Davids ---Pooped

    "Back From St Pierre , Nefyn and Royal St Davids ---Pooped" What a sequence of events!