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    Golf Balls - Your Top Three

    Titleist AVX yellow Bridgestone e12 contact red Srixon Q Star Tour yellow
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    I bought today.....

    A recovrapro se massage gun. Very impressed with the customer service too. DPD misplaced the original order but after a very helpful call to recovrapro an upgraded replacement was sent next day. Hopefully it will help ease some back issues moving forwards
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    I bought today.....

    A full set of arccos sensors and an arccos caddy link
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    Warm Winter Jacket

    I have an Adidas frost guard jacket and would definitely recommend it. Very warm
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    Where to find 2019's club releases now 2021 models have been released

    I think I will end up doing the same as you - in an ideal world I'd have the apex 19 to satisfy my ocd but like you say the 21 version will be at least as good and I won't have to wait forever for it either.
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    Where to find 2019's club releases now 2021 models have been released

    Yes I've had a look there and have used them a few times previously. Was really impressed with quality of the clubs when I get them. The clubs were the 2nd highest grade but I'm sure they had never been hit. Definitely not looking like that anymore!
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    Where to find 2019's club releases now 2021 models have been released

    I currently play callaway apex cf 19 irons and would really like to get hold of the AW (48°) of the set but struggling as the 2021 model has now been released. Where are do pros get rid of the previous models when the new stuff comes in? I've looked on eBay, golfbidder, clubs for cash etc...
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    I bought today.....

    Another pair of Nike golf shoes. Sucker for a discount
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    Is anyone else a left-hander playing right-handed?

    I actually found it a strength in a lot of ways. Played left back and was naturally a lot stronger on what would traditionally be the weaker side for a regular right handed player. Guess because I started so young I knew no different?
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    Is anyone else a left-hander playing right-handed?

    Left handed but play golf right handed mainly as I played hockey for years. Have had a few funny looks at lessons when I've been asked to throw a ball right handed using the skimming a stone analogy and just been hopeless at it with my right hand. Just can't do it with any real malice with my...
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    I bought today.....

    some new grips to replace a failed experiment of midsized ones and a footjoy polo shirt
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    Golf Sidekick

    I like how the golf sidekick breaks down things into simple terms and goes out with varying levels of player and gets them to us the strategies too
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    Which ball for £15 a dozen

    Always find yellow ones so much easier to pick out both in the air and on the fairway (on the odd occasion they find their way there)
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    Playing partner falsifying scores

    playing the 1st round on courses he buys and declaring himself Club champion. Such a weird bloke
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    Golf Sidekick

    I really enjoy the stuff they are putting out. They bounce off each other so well and Alex cracks me up
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    What's your longest iron?

    A 6i (callaway apex cf19). Have the 5i but goes the same distance as the 6 so swapped that out with a callaway epic flash hybrid which at the moment covers the gap up to my next hybrid at 19°
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    What was your Open experience like?

    Really enjoyed the day there on Friday. Seemed very well run and with a smaller crowd allowed you to get to see lots of the players up close and personal. Food and drink wasnt cheap but not as extortionate as I was expecting. Only negative was when the big groups came through the entourage on...
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    Stand bag / Cart bag / Tour bag

    I have a similar set up with the cart bag being a titleist stadry bag and there's an alrigh amount of space in there. Love the look of the tour bags but with my lack of ability there's no way I'm turning up with one of those on the 1st tee
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    Personal range monitors.

    Just been reading up on the garmin R10 and if all is as promised it's going to be a great bit of kit at an affordable price (in relative terms)
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    I bought today.....

    No not at all- they were on sale for £279