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  1. Hooker

    Recommendations of courses Aberdeen

    Going up to play Trump Aberdeen this Sunday, going up Friday going home Monday but could squeeze in a game those 2 days and Saturday. Any recommendations? Looked at Murcar and Cruden bay but they are not cheap ! So maybe do one of them. Which of the munis would be recommended. I like good...
  2. Hooker

    What is the most sporting gesture you have witnessed in golf?

    Playing for the club in a friendly a few weeks ago, I was partnered with a 16hcp. He is a very good player tee to green but is suffering from the yips badly, really struggling from a few feet out. We were playing against homers long lost twin and another mildmannered gent. The game was going...
  3. Hooker

    Please help me clarify Rule 19-2

    Discussion in clubhouse yesterday about penalty as someone had hit shot from rough and ball somehow popped up and hit him. Couple of chaps agreed it was 2 shot penaly, I looked it up Rule 19-2 on my iphone and piped up its 1 shot penalty. However saw an article later from 2011 that suggested it...
  4. Hooker

    Ball in hazard, long grass touching...

    Hi, long time lurker, first time poster in the rules forum. During the a game today on our 13th hole FC hits his ball into the red stick hazard in front of the tee, ball is on the bank. I had to go and look for my ball which was flirting with the OB on the right. Another FC goes with player...
  5. Hooker

    Thinking of giving up glf and fishing?

    Knob throwing contest
  6. Hooker

    Golf slow play incident caught on video!

    I am a 27 hcp and have been having trouble with my swing lately, it does not help my partner has been getting on my nerves constantly making noise while I am over my shot. Anyway, I was struggling along the other day not due to slow play, but the fourball behind us in buggies caught us up and...