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  1. Canary Kid

    Three Minute Search

    Sorry if this has been asked before. This week I drove off and put the ball in the thick rough on the left. I played a provisional and put it into the less punitive rough on the right. Not my finest hole ever! I went to look for my original ball and took the allowed three minutes without...
  2. Canary Kid

    Club Face Angle

    I have a couple of drivers (Yonex and TM) and a couple of 5 woods (Ping and TM) and 7 woods (Ping and TM). Each of them, when allowed to just rest freely on the ground at address (i.e. not being gripped) presents a slightly open face to the ball. See first photo. This has always looked odd to me...
  3. Canary Kid

    Richard Bland

    Congratulations to him. His first win on the European Tour at his 478th attempt! Dreams do come true!
  4. Canary Kid

    Weymouth or Came Down

    With foreign travel off the agenda this year, my wife and I are spending a few days in the Weymouth area in August. I have permission to play on one of the days. Where we are staying is equidistant from Weymouth GC and Came Down GC. Has anyone played both and, if so, which of the two would...
  5. Canary Kid

    Callaway Supersoft Magna/Max

    For a couple of years, Callaway have produced a slightly larger version of their Supersoft ball called the Magna which, in the newly released version of the Supersoft ball, is now called the Max. It is 3% bigger (but still legal) than the standard ball and is designed for players, like me, with...
  6. Canary Kid

    Losing Spikes!

    My Ecco golf shoes use "fast twist tri-lock" spikes. These are secured by a quick twist and so are very easy to put in but, unfortunately, they can come out during a round due to the foot twisting on the ground. After each round, I find that I have lost one or two. I don't mind replacing them...
  7. Canary Kid

    Senior Flex

    Three years ago I changed the flex of my driver, woods and hybrids to senior, given my age induced loss of swing speed. This year I did the same with my irons ... and got a bit more distance and less dispersion. I also recently bought a 54 degree Vokey for around the greens and specified...
  8. Canary Kid

    Lyme Regis or Bridport & West Dorset?

    Given the issues with travelling abroad at the moment, my wife and I are having a short break in Lyme Regis in a couple of weeks. As with all holidays, I am able to play one local course and I can’t decide between these two ... they seem similar and get similar reviews online. Has anyone...
  9. Canary Kid

    Par 5s, Start and Finish

    My course starts with a par 5 hole, which has always struck me as a bit mean, but it also finishes with one too. Does anyone else play on a course with par 5 hole first and last?
  10. Canary Kid

    Golf This Afternoon.

    Short notice, but I have a tee time at Slinfold GC in West Sussex this afternoon at 2.36. My golf buddy has cried off and none of my other friends can play at short notice.
  11. Canary Kid

    Anybody Know Why?

    I apologise if this has been discussed before and I missed it, but does anyone has an insight into the logic as to why, under the rules: - a ball lost in the water gives rise to a ONE shot penalty, with the ball being played from there, but - a ball lost elsewhere requires “shot and distance”...
  12. Canary Kid

    M2 Driver Shaft Length

    I wonder if someone can please help me regarding the standard length of a men’s Taylormade M2 driver shaft. I bought just the head and I have bought a new shaft to fit it, but it comes uncut and seems too long ... but, as I bought just the head, I have no old shaft to compare it with. The...
  13. Canary Kid

    Kudos to Robert MacIntyre ...

    ... for having a real go at Open playing partner Kyle Stanley yesterday for twice not shouting “fore”.
  14. Canary Kid

    Hybrid Shaft Length

    I have four Callaway senior flex hybrids (3,4,5 and 6), which I bought separately second hand. According to Callaway's published data, the shaft length of each goes down in 0.75 inch steps from 3 to 6. However, I have just noticed that the 3 hybrid has the same length shaft as the 4 and so it...
  15. Canary Kid

    Putter Fitting

    Sorry if this has been covered before but, having just had yet another otherwise good round ruined by poor putting, I have decided to have some putting tuition. But first I feel I might benefit from a putter fitting; i.e. find out what head is best suited to my action and the right length of...
  16. Canary Kid

    Ricky Fowler -Wrong Drop

    In Mexico, on his first hole (the 10th) Ricky just shanked one badly out of bounds and immediately dropped another ball, but from shoulder height. Not realising his breach of the new rule, which would have allowed a redrop before playing a shot, he played the ball. His caddy didn’t realise...
  17. Canary Kid

    90% Handicap

    Some advice please from you experienced guys. A friend and I are partnering each other soon in a “two ball better ball”, stableford with 90% handicaps applying. Now I know how this match format works, but I am a bit puzzled by the 90%. I currently play off 24 ... do I simply say that, as...
  18. Canary Kid

    Composite Score

    I don’t think that “composite” is the right term and that there is an accepted term which I have forgotten ... anyway, here goes. I read a while ago of a guy in the US who had been a member of his golf club for 40+ years and, in that time, he had eagled several holes and birdied the rest...
  19. Canary Kid

    Better player hybrids

    I’m intrigued ... can anyone please provide an explanation? I use hybrids rather than long irons and, although I am fairly happy with mine, I have been thinking about trying some different ones. I saw a nice second hand Titleist 910H hybrid on eBay but, when I looked at the online reviews...
  20. Canary Kid

    Cleaning your gear

    I played yesterday ... very muddy ... and brought home half of the course on my trolley. This morning it took me a long time to clean the trolley, the wheels, my shoes and clubs. I do this nearly every time I play in the winter, which got me thinking ... what do others do? In winter, do you...