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  1. DanFST

    Cancelling custom fit irons order?

    Hopefully somone with more legal knowledge could help me out. Irons custom fit and paid for 1st week of may. Told 4-5 weeks delivery. (y) 0 Correspondence until i chased up yesterday. almost 9 weeks later. Conveniently they had just found out that day that the shafts are out of stock until...
  2. DanFST

    Taylormade Lead times?

    Anyone have any idea of current TM lead times? Ordered a set of P770's with modus 120 shafts.
  3. DanFST

    GUIDE: changing your putter shaft.

    I know this isn't the most techy forum. But I thought I'd post up a guide on how to change your putter shaft. Very simple job. Step 1) We first off need to get the old shaft out., we can use a heatgun or a blowtorch. All we are aiming to do is heat up the glue inside the hosel, not melt the...
  4. DanFST

    Changing Putter Shaft.

    I managed to pick up a lovely Scotty Cameron newport 2. I also have a black KBS shaft coming to put in it. Which should set it off nicely. Do I need to use Shafting Beads? My instinct says no, it's just a putter. But searches elsewhere throw up all sorts of answers.
  5. DanFST

    Sourcing A Used Scotty Cameron.

    I'm after an old black Newport 2. With the intention of sending it off to be custom shopped at some point. Problem is they are pretty old and I can't send off a fake. Anyone know of any got sources to get a legitimate one?
  6. DanFST

    Where is my CDH number?

    Is it possible to find on HDID? It's not viewable on my handicap certificate. It appears with the New England Golf changes I can't register to get it off there! Any ideas?
  7. DanFST

    The Mental Health Thread

    I think it's important to have a discussion ongoing and to have a visual thread here that can help prompt someone into writing a message instead of keeping it in, whether it be about depression, anxiety, loss etc. It could even just be posting how you are doing out of 10. No judgement, just a...
  8. DanFST

    Ipswich GC - James Braid

    Thought I'd put out a invite for a knock round my course. It's a decent track, a James Braid heathland course (rated #48 in England). Weekends are still packed due to the booking system, but there's loads of opportunity mid week. You will have to spend it with me unfortunately and a beer is...
  9. DanFST

    Swing plane, does it matter? And what does it mean to you?

    I've never looked at my swing really before, just numbers and flights. Pro has suggested my plane is too high, and could be lower. however my striking is pretty good. When dropping it, I really struggle to control path and it often comes way in to out. Do you think believe there is an optimum...
  10. DanFST

    The Golf Lab - Canary Wharf

    Had a search and thought I'd start a thread. Has anyone been? Just became a member today after a taster session. Hell of a setup, 3 simulators with GCquad and slow motion side and rear cameras. Uploaded straight after the session to FXLive. Monthly membership includes unlimited sessions and a...
  11. DanFST

    Wanted: Titleist Regular Driver Shaft

    After a regular flex shaft for my old man. 910-917 adapter. Has anyone got anything? Doesn't need to be anything fancy.
  12. DanFST

    WTD: NIKE covert 3 wood

    Anyone have one of these laying around? 2.0 is fine also. standard, not tour model.
  13. DanFST

    GC2 HMT Wow!

    I have been out of golf for a while and have recently stepped back in. I've had lessons on GC2 a while back, and I was impressed. But I just had my first lesson with the HMT attachment today. And I'm speechless. The numbers are crazy, there is absolutely no guess work. Identified a problem major...
  14. DanFST

    Where to buy shafts? And what size?

    I uncharacteristically lost my temper on the course. Which resulted in a bent 5 iron shaft and a snapped 3 wood shaft. I've taken time out and now need to replace these. I'm after a regular dynalite 105 for a covert 2.0 5 iron. And some sort of regular shaft for a covert 3 wood, but sizes...
  15. DanFST

    Can no longer stomach smoking?

    First up i've been a 20+ a day smoker for the past 8 years and regardless of what people say, there is nothing more enjoyable and relaxing than a nice cigarette. However I was recently pretty Ill (Hospital spec flu). I've been back out on my feet for 2 weeks now, however I can't touch...
  16. DanFST

    Wanted: 3 Wood

    After a TM 3 wood, as my Nike bit the dust. Let me know what you have.
  17. DanFST

    flying budget airlines with golf clubs. (Portugal)

    First time i've been to Europe with golf gear, and unlike America I now have to pay! has anyone any experience with various budget airlines, and their cost/ process for golf clubs?
  18. DanFST

    Wanted: SLDR Driver.

    Looking for an SLDR in Stiff flex, Preferably 10.5, but maybe a 12!
  19. DanFST

    Covert 2.0 Driver With Fujikura Shaft. Covert tour hybrid.

    Selling my Driver as i'm after an SLDR. Covert 2.0 Tour, with Stiff 60g Fujikura Fuel shaft. Good condition with headcover. I'm after £150 posted. Covert tour hybrid. Anyone that saw my gapping thread will know that this isn't really needed as i prefer my 4 iron! 21-25 degree with...
  20. DanFST

    Wanted: 50 degree wedge and SLDR driver.

    I'm after a 50 or 52 degree Wedge to fill a hole in my gapping. Vokey or Nike Preferred! I'm Also looking for a SLDR Driver in stiff. 12 degrees with an adjustable neck please! Let me know what you have got, I have a Stiff covert tour hybrid and a Covert 2.0 Tour Driver with an Upgraded...