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  1. harpo_72

    Golf kit organiser or storage unit

    All my gear is banished to the garage, and I have been thinking it needs a bit of organisation.. anyone got some examples of their systems and recommendations, also what you got right and what you could do better? The garage though still keeps my car ( I am a bit peculiar like that!) I can go...
  2. harpo_72

    Courses in the UK you would not recommend

    We have the best 100 , how about the ones you wouldn’t recommend 100. You have to have played them and they have to be in existence. Also you have to say why they are the worst.. This is purely opinion
  3. harpo_72

    7 wood options

    Currently have a bespoke 7 wood . It’s a J33 Bridgestone head, and ust tour green 70g stiff shaft. I think it’s slightly delofted and closed though, as I just cannot get a floaty fade with it. Bad shot is a pull and I have been addressing this but I wonder if there is something out there a...
  4. harpo_72

    House alarm issues

    My battery is drained, yeah it’s great timing! Just ordered a new back up battery. But I have removed the old one , as it was beeping and needed resetting every 3 minutes. Have I managed to stop the constant beeping or am I in for a night of fun and games ?
  5. harpo_72

    Wedge grinds

    I have been struggling with my short game all year. I have a tendency to chunk or thin my wedges around the green. I play from tight lies, and firm surfaces. I also am not a huge divot taker, I might go steep on a full shot but the stuff around the green is where my problems are. So I am...
  6. harpo_72

    Align grips

    I have an align grip on my driver, none of my other clubs have that grip. I really don’t think I get any benefit plus it looks a bit of a task to get lined up on the Callaway adapter shaft. Does anyone use these and think they are worth replacing?
  7. harpo_72

    Season has ended

    Well it looks like that’s me done for the season. Handicap changes .. up 0.5 down 0.1 .. so did not really get going. Results were poor at the start of the season but I pulled it back, just didn’t get the opportunity to play in those competitions. Got to the semifinals of the individual match...
  8. harpo_72

    Played with sub scratch golfer yesterday

    Yesterday we had a breezy 14mph wind from the north east and I was playing with a county amateur golfer. It was very interesting, ball flight was very high with the driver - down wind was in excess of 340yards etc A comment he made that had me thinking , was the course penalised 5-15 handicap...
  9. harpo_72

    Selling platforms

    I am looking into selling a few clubs. I usually go to eBay but they have changed their policy and want my bank details.. I prefer them to use PayPal so I am looking at other modes of selling clubs. Has anyone used Facebook market place, gumtree or preloved and got advice?
  10. harpo_72

    DRW … you have mail

    Hi DRW I have added you to a conversation, please let me know if your interested
  11. harpo_72

    Driving distances and the reality

    So GM have released a video I suspect, your all around the scratch distance 😉. For me I am pleased with my efforts given my age group but I also think it should influence course set up going forward as well. I will keep working on my technique to improve what I can but there is only so...
  12. harpo_72

    Golf ball analysis

    MGS has conducted a study of mostly premium offerings Not sure whether they will update with some more cheaper options like Ad333 (Q star) or titleist tour soft etc Fill your boots
  13. harpo_72

    Buffing and polishing of heads - any advice

    As the title suggests I have treated myself to some drill attachments that will hopefully remove rust ( the ping rustic, has rusted beautifully in my dads garage!) I was going to remove most of it and leave the face alone, and then I got some polishing wheels and compounds to have a dabble ...
  14. harpo_72

    Games console advice

    Just looking at the possibility of upgrading my PS3 … My boy plays minecraft and Lego games on it and it’s all off line, plus it’s starting to go on the fritz I am thinking of getting a base PS4 but the PS5 prices don’t look a world away and should I look at Xbox? which one has the cheapest...
  15. harpo_72


    I had a search on here and well the answer did not pop up in the first page , so I thought I would start a new thread! I thought I would quickly work out my stats , having played a match play pairs competition round, I was told I was consistent .. which did surprise me as I thought I was a bit...
  16. harpo_72

    Sik putter experience

    Has anyone tried one of these? I am looking for a milled face High MOi putter .. not sure I want to pay this much but a good putter stays a long time so I can justify it (after I have squirrelled away some cash)
  17. harpo_72

    Minimalist or lightweight bag set up

    I was having a read elsewhere (🤫) and looking at bags with 9 or less clubs and started to think about how I would set mine up. I think I am quite conventional, very half set like set up So my minimum bag would be.. Driver 5,7,9, PW and 56 putter not sure I would bother having anything longer...
  18. harpo_72

    Shoulders at address

    Going to Chuck this out there ... For me I have noticed at set up if I can get my trailing shoulder lower than my lead shoulder .. I hit straight to draw, level them up or slightly lower on the lead it’s an opportunity to hit a slice/fade etc .. Any opinions on this ?
  19. harpo_72

    Question about ltd companies

    My wife has a limited company, I operate out of it on short term contracts. We were discussing what happens when we choose to retire... I was wondering if there is still money left in the company do you just take it as income and not actively seek work ? Or do you have to close it and get taxed...
  20. harpo_72

    Seven wood

    I have a seven wood, it’s in and out of the bag regularly. I love it’s versatility, windy days it’s a bit too high but it’s a good club. I was thinking is it worth looking at updating it, it’s a Bridgestone J33 head, I picked up and had made up for me. Just wondering if there are hotter lower...