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    Numbers on the golf ball.

    just a quick post guys looking for some info if any one out there knows. Im aware that when buying golf balls in a dozen you get the usual 1 to 4. Does any one know if u can get your own personal numbers on the ball. Ie my year of birth (88) or the day my daughter was born (26)
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    Taylormade lethal golf ball.

    Was just wondering guys. Is the new lethal ball a new version of the penta? As i tend to play with a soft ball and buy either then penta or pro v1. Any one with a heads up?
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    Golf Shoes

    Just a quick post regarding Adidas Atv tour 360 golf shoes? Had a pair for just under 11 months. really nice shoes and very comfortable but both shoes have now started to LET IN WATER, Any one out there having the same problem? Also what would be the best brand to get as im sick of the soggy...
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    Wanted taylormade Rescues

    Looking for recent to new Taylormade Rescue's to replace 3-4 irons! Can enyone help?? Thanks Marty:)
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    Millport Outing!

    Great day again boys! Thurily enjoyd the golf again today! Score was alot better 2 day! Cheers boys! Marty:) >>>> In The Bag Taylormade R9 Driver 10.5 reg Taylormade R9 3wood/5wood Taylormade Burner2.0 Irons Clevlend Wedges 54• + 57• Clevlend Putter Taylormade R11 Bag