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    Titleist AP2 714 3i-Gw irons

    Having recently upgraded my clubs, I am offering my previous "backup" set of forged goodness of Titleist AP2 714 for sale. A chance to get probably the best AP2s ever made. :) A note from the original Titleist (St Ives) fitting in Jun 2015: I later added 3-5i and Gw. The lies would probably...
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    Mixed tee comps

    Now that it’s possible to play any tees in a comp (provided the club rated them for all genders ;), has anyone tried to play from the tees they don’t normally? E.g. from Red ones in Men’s Comp? Personally, I think it’d be interesting to see what one would score as on a significantly shorter...
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    Course rating/Par/Shots

    Sorry if it's been covered, but I still have one question about the new system. Consider a course that is rated: - white tees: rating 73, slope 139, par 72 - yellow tees: rating 69.8, slope 135, par 72 From either tees the player is given the same number of shots. Question: it seems...
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    The Open Practice day - tomorrow (Tue 13)

    I have two adult tickets for tomorrow practice day £35x2, parking £10 (Open Park and Ride) and two child (under 16) tickets. Can't use them now hence offering here. Please read the entry rules (tests/vaccination etc). You'd need to have the app, the tickets are then officially transferred by...
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    Swinley Forest 3 Ball

    Hello, For your attention a great opportunity to play Swinley Forest. Won by me in the last year's H4H auction. Unfortunately, due to other commitments I can't play it in the slot offered (the tee time has to be either before 7.40am or after 5pm). I got it for £413, I'd like to offer it as...
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    Max consecutive golf days?

    What is the max no. days in a row have you played? Doesn’t matter how many holes (9/18) just how many consecutive days of golf you had. Second point: did you improve because of it, got tired/fed up etc? Just played 6 days in a row (mostly quick 9 holes but also two 18-hole rounds). Feels...
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    Lw full swing?

    Following the discussion of “specialist” vs “set” wedges in another thread, I was wondering how many of us use their higher lofted wedges for full shots? Do you try using your Lw (58-60*) to full shots? Are you successful/ consistent with it? I used to swing fully with 54/58 (Vokey) but now...
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    The Old Course 2021 - no advance bookings

    Had a feeling it was this time of the year to try your luck in applying to play the Old Course next year, so had a look on their website. Understandable, of course...
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    BRS app

    Does anyone use BRS tee booking app with multiple clubs (home/away)? Is it possible to do it without having two separate logins? Thanks
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    Wentworth tickets free for tomorrow

    Went today and had a great time, but can't go tomorrow so have two Adult (children under 14 are free) tickets that are valid for the final day tomorrow (Sun 22). They were acquired here via richart and are free to anyone who can attend tomorrow. The tickets are free, but a donation to...
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    Initial hcp 9-hole cards

    Hope some knowledgeable experts can clarify. A player submits cards for initial hcp. All cards are for 9 holes (ie submitted 6x 9 holes cards). How would a LAGD be calculated in this case? E.g. if the best gross over 9 holes was 49 on par 34 with no more than a triple bogey on the card...
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    NR In supplementary/handicap round

    Hope the knowledgeable members here can clarify. Imagine someone playing a round for handicap, do they need to hole out every hole or can they pick up on any “disaster” hole? In a medal round NR is Ok and the card is still processed for hcp purposes so by this logic the above should be...
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    Game golf wanted

    I would like to give Game Golf another go and wonder if if anyone has one gathering dust that they would like to part with. I don’t mind if it’s Live or Original, don’t need the tags and don’t care how it looks or if the clip is broken, just as long as the battery lasts a round.
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    Initial handicap

    Is there a maximum score for the initial cards submitted for hcp purposes? Just curious, as it seems that in principle there is not, hence a junior/beginner could submit three scores as high as anything and would automatically get 54 hcp? Anyone can confirm?
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    National and county affiliation fees / second club

    As the fees are usually included in the subs do you have to pay it in your away club too? And a county card fees? Can’t find any official guidelines but was told that the club is charged by unions per member regardless if they are already a member somewhere else. Anyone can clarify? Thanks
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    Can anyone help with a simple (hopefully) question. I'm looking for a Diamana Blueboard regular for a Titleist driver for a friend. Is there any other place to get one at a reasonable price apart from the bay? Thank you in advance.