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    Wrists in the swing

    seems to be a bit of a revival in getting the wrists active in the swing Ideas I’ve been testing the waters with I’m coming around to agreeing with Padraig Harrington in the video posted above majority of club golfers would improve with his ideas especially the golfers who hit it around...
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    Zen Golf Mechanics (Marcus Bell + Robin Matthews-Williams)

    Anyone watched these lesson videos or even had a lesson with him? I find the approach fascinating Also fair play to Robin since he was called out by flow motion he’s knuckled down and worked with Marcus and the content since has been superb
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    Slow mo golf swings to sleep and work to

    My new favourite YouTube stream
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    Great to poor

    What’s your biggest swing in scores between 2 rounds I was 3 over walking off 14th green on Thursday night after a 5&4 win Today I hit 19 over It’s a frustrating sport ... leaving my irons club face wide open caused me no end of problems today
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    Apple Watch GPS Apps

    Are there any that don't need to be tethered to the iphone through Bluetooth? Using the GPS functionality of the series 3?
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    British Masters Thursday Sky Free Tickets

    Do you just print the PDFs out? I've noticed on the event info part it talks about activating the ticket... but can only see a wristband option on the site and it doesn't recognise the number on the tickets... so this idiot is a tad confused