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  1. DelB

    Bikes and Cyclists

    Well, some seven months later than intended, I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a road bike. It's a new B' Twin Triban 5A from Decathlon and has a 6061 alloy frame, carbon forks, a full Shimano Sora drivetrain and weighs just under 10KG. Spent half an hour this morning tweaking the...
  2. DelB

    GM East Lothian Links Tournament - March 2014 - expressions of interest??

    Evening all. After a very successful and highly enjoyable day out at Muirfield the other day, I've been in conversation with Birchy about organising something else for next year as a sort of 'season opener'. Birchy and Gregbwfc had a great round at North Berwick the day before Muirfield and...
  3. DelB

    Anyone played Essendon New?

    Afternoon. Am due down in Hertford in mid April and looks like we've blagged a game at Woburn on Friday 12th, so trying to sort out a day ticket, potentially, for 36 holes at Essendon for Saturday 13th. Played Essendon Old course in September last year and thoroughly enjoyed it, so wondered if...
  4. DelB

    Mizuno Infiniti Cart Bag

    Evening all. I'm selling my year old Mizuno Infiniti Cart Bag in Staff Blue. I've not long bought a Clicgear trolley and subsequently bought the Clicgear bag to match. The bag is in excellent condition, save for a two or three very small areas where the finish has begun to rub away as a result...
  5. DelB

    Push trolleys

    Seeing as you ask.......
  6. DelB

    Push trolleys

    Look what arrived today...................... :thup:
  7. DelB

    New shinies - the ecstasy and then the agony........

    So, picked up my new Mizuno JPX 825 Pro irons this morning, just in time for my first round at my new course tomorrow morning. They are absolutely stunning and I can't wait to have a hit with them! However, in an effort to restore the balance of happiness/unhappiness, I dropped my iPhone 5 out...
  8. DelB

    New 'home' for 2013

    Well, after the horrendous weather we've had and my former club increasing subs by circa 10% for the coming season despite having been closed for what seemed like weeks at a time, I've decided to move clubs for this year. I'm on the waiting list at Kilspindie and will hopefully get the nod from...
  9. DelB

    Mizuno MP-T Putters

  10. DelB

    Gokart trolley owners - opinions sought.

    Evening gents. I've decided to sell my three year old Gokart trolley, but have no idea really what to ask for it. It's the black model with blue battery cover and switches and comes complete with an 18 hole battery, transit cover, umbrella holder and bottle holder. To buy the same model and...
  11. DelB

    Anyone here using Mizuno MP leather shoes?

    Afternoon all. Have just taken delivery of a very smart pair of Mizuno MP black leather shoes, which I got to replace the second pair of FJ Sports I've had to return in the space of two months, due to the leather and the sole parting company. They feel a lot 'stiffer' than the sports style...
  12. DelB

    Why are some golf clubs so poor at communication?

    After the horrendous 'summer' we've had these past two years, I've been thinking recently about switching from soggy parkland to firm links golf and twelve months playability for my money. I e-mailed three prospective clubs on Friday of last week and, so far, only one has bothered to reply. I...
  13. DelB

    Long Par 3's - How long is too long?

    Morning all. Played in a club outing at West Linton yesterday in horrendous conditions - it rained pretty much all the way round and there was a 1-2 club wind to take into account too. Anyway, the 17th and 18th at West Linton are both long Par 3's - the 17th being 190 yards, into the wind...
  14. DelB

    Gauging interest - Muirfield - Tuesday 5th March 2013

    Good morning gents. I was fortunate enough to have a day playing with a member at Muirfield yesterday. To say that it was the best experience in my golfing life would be somewhat of an understatement - it really is just as good as the hype would have you believe and is no doubt worthy of its...
  15. DelB

    Plus-net phone and broadband - anyone any experience of them?

    Anyone on here use Plus-net for home phone and broadband? Have presently got Sky for TV, Virgin for broadband and Talk Talk for home phone and am looking to consolidate all services into one (or two at most) suppliers. Love Sky TV, but their faster broadband service isn't available yet in my...
  16. DelB

    Puma golf shoes

    Just trawling Ebay and came across these (so to speak!!!) from an American retailer. I actually quite like them!!
  17. DelB

    iPhone 5 - early impressions.

    So, got hold of my iPhone 5 this morning and spent half an hour or so setting it up via iCloud with my iPhone 4 content. First impressions are good - it's lighter, thinner, whiter(!!!) and definitely quicker. It's the same width as the 4/4S, but taller so sits nicely in the hand and affords...
  18. DelB

    iPhone question

    Apologies in advance for the stoopid question - my iPhone 5 is presently winging its way to me aboard a couriers van and I'm changing service providers from O2 to Orange. How do I get all my contacts off my O2 micro-sim iPhone 4 to my Orange nano-sim iPhone 5? Thanks.
  19. DelB

    Porcupine Tree - what a band!!!!!

    I'm almost ashamed to admit that I'd never even heard of Porcupine Tree until the weekend there, but my God they are absolutely superb!! Can't stop listening to them. Have downloaded four of their albums since Sunday night. Supremely talented musicians and jaw-dropping compositions/time...
  20. DelB

    I've been invited to play Muirfield!!!!

    Got an invite today from a chap I met at a mates wedding recently, inviting me, said mate and another mate to play at Muirfield on Thursday 25th October!! Meeting at 8am for a fourball morning round, followed by lunch in the clubhouse and a further round (foursomes) in the afternoon. Who hates...