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  1. J

    WHS scores disappeared

    So this goes back a two months or so but wanted to ask the question to see my options (if any) I spoke to my club regarding WHS, and handicap cards. They said to submit all scores on the IG golf app, then hand in the physical card with markers signature. So that’s exactly what I did for 3...
  2. J

    Top tracer

    Was at the top tracer today and noticed some figures I maybe didn’t understand. These where with my 56 degree vokey Shot 1: 92 carry, 37 launch, 92mph ball speed, 5 curve (draw), 5.8s hang time, 110ft peak height, 64 landing angle Shot 2. 106 yard carry, 35 launch, 92mph ball speed, 12 curve...
  3. J

    Callaway Truvis

    Anybody know if the Truvis have been discontinued in Pink? Looking for some for my partner but can’t seem to find any anywhere in stock. Or if anybody knows anywhere that has them in stock that would be smashing.
  4. J

    FS: Callaway Epic Flash SZ

    I’ll be honest, not really sure what it is worth, so I’m open to offers. Would be looking for £200 + P&P Or £200 collected from Liverpool. Shaft is Tensei av series 65g regular flex. Red superstroke standard grip It is also 1inch shorter than standard.
  5. J

    Grip Size

    I wear a medium glove and have always used standard golf grips. Have been using a driver with a midsize grip recently, and have fell in love with it, it feels so nice to hold. My clubs are in desperate need of new grips and I am torn between MCC / MCC+4 (Both midsize) Or potentially getting...
  6. J

    Two Drivers Two results

    I have two drivers. Driver 1 - Callaway epic flash SZ 9.5degree, standard size grip, neutral setup. Massive overdraw. Average carry 220-230 (when hit straight) Low ball flight Driver 2 - Titleist 917 D2 11 degree, mid size grip. Massive slice (And I do mean slice). Average carry 235-245 (When...
  7. J

    People still playing

    So I have thought about posting this for about 3 weeks. I drive past my club on a daily basis for work (my father also drives past it multiple times a day) Everyday we constantly see people out on the course playing (the course is closed)however it’s on public ground and you could walk the...
  8. J

    Ladies driver

    So bit of an odd one was on the driving range today with my partner and we tried each other’s drivers. 70g v 50g. Mine is about half an inch longer. Hers a cobra speedback mine a epic flash sun zero. We where on a top tracer and I was carrying my driver around 245 average. Tried hers and was...
  9. J

    Insects on the course

    Does anybody else seem to get bitten to absolute hell when they wear shorts on the golf course. I have tried sprays and everything and nothing stops them, and wearing long pants in 20+ heat is a killer. I play parkland courses, anybody got any suggestions other than wear long pants.
  10. J

    Adore golf grips

    Ordered some new grips for the ole man, one of the grips was a super stroke pistol grip. Order in red and white. Got a phone call later that day, they didn’t have it in stock, and rather than just replace it with the blue one, the guy saw I lived in Liverpool and wanted to check if that was...
  11. J

    Peculiar one

    Was playing in a medal, but my tee shot, right hand side of the fairway/semi rough, so far so good. I walk up and see a ball, it’s a TaylorMade but not mine, I ask the group from the hole close (not part of the medal) what he is playing? He says TaylorMade project a, I mention he has just hit my...
  12. J

    Year end review

    With the end of the season coming up thought it might be nice to have a thread where everybody can sum up how their year has gone. Was it a positive? Was it negative? For me the year can only go down as a positive. Picked up a club for the first time in 10 years in February. Got my handicap...
  13. J

    Colourful Grips

    Looking for some suggestions for some colourful grips. Yellow green red blue. Any colour really except the standard black or grey. I like colorful stuff and since l know very little about grips thought I'd post here for some advice. Want good quality but colourful.
  14. J


    Anybody had any issues with these? Bought some other day decide to play 12 holes with one today. Already got a fairly decent size chunk missing from the cover. Can't imagine this is the norm after only 12 holes. But now dubious about using the others. Tried to upload image from phone but it's...
  15. J

    Stealing Golf Balls

    Does anybody else have issues with people stealing their balls. Was playing a round today, and one of the guys I was playing with asked why I don't use my ProV1x's anymore, I mentioned because whenever I do, I have to race to my ball to prevent them being picked up. He was hesitant of this, 3...
  16. J


    So I handed 3 cards in. All 3 where 90. First round with handicap sec, who said he would look to give me around an 18 (first time he ever saw me play) Second two rounds the members I was playing with said they would log a complaint if I was given a handicap that high. Reasoning, is I suffer...
  17. J

    Incorrect course yardages

    So the other day a work friend mentioned he played golf. So he and I talked etc and he mentioned he drives the ball around 250 yards. Now I was a bit taken back by this since he mentioned has only been playing a few months But thought nothing else of it. Fast forward a week and him and I decide...
  18. J

    Jacket & Tie

    So I have an interview for a membership to a club I applied for, however dress code stated is jacket and tie (I do not own any formal attire). I feel like an idiot asking what that means. I had planned on wearing pair of brown Chelsea boots, jeans turtleneck (will change to white shirt and...
  19. J

    Lie adjustments

    Got fitted for my current irons. 2° upright. But since then have had lessons which has corrected the fault that required the adjustment. Local pro said he sees it a lot, people get fit and the fitter tailors around the fault rather than fix it and after it's been fixed clubs require...
  20. J

    Reason for getting into golf

    What got everybody here into golf in the first place? Thought might be a good topic as was talking to some work colleagues who mentioned they want to get into golf. Asked why and they said because they are over 30 and that's what over 30s do. So why did everybody else get into golf ? Me...