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  1. Matty6

    For sale - Volvik Rangefinder

    Bought this in January this year and haven’t used it much. Find I use my GPS watch more often. Great bit of kit and very accurate compared to more expensive rangefinders. £145 including postage.
  2. Matty6

    For Sale - Titleist TS3 Driver 8.5*

    Looking to part ways with my TS3 8.5* driver (head only, but could supply with a shaft at additional cost if required). The driver is 18 months old, but I haven’t used it much as I didn’t get on with it. Was bought on a bit of a whim! Please note, there are some sky marks on the crown (like I...
  3. Matty6

    Huawei HomeFi Router - 4G Internet

    Starting to get really peeved with my ‘fibre’ connection with Plusnet. Not Plusnet’s fault but the crappy infrastructure on my street. Max fibre speed I can get is 20mbps down and 3mbps up!! I work from home and need a better upload speed. I’m a Three mobile customer already and get...
  4. Matty6

    AP3 equivalents

    Looking for some new irons and recently got fitted for some AP3’s. Really liked them and was pretty close to ordering them. Just wondering if anyone could recommend an equivalent iron I should try out before ordering the AP3’s. I want something that has a slim-ish top line but still offers...
  5. Matty6

    Wanted - Project X HZRDUS Shaft

    Looking for a Callaway tipped Project X HZRDUS T800 55g 5.5 flex shaft Thanks.
  6. Matty6

    Cushioned golf shoes

    After my last few rounds I’ve noticed that I get a lot of pain on the bottom of my heels. Generally lasts for a couple of days then completely goes away. Even if the course is a little soft underfoot I still get pain after playing. Ive Googled the symptoms and it sounds like I suffer from...
  7. Matty6

    Anywhere worth playing in Anaheim?

    Going to be in Anaheim mid May for 7 days on business. Looks like I’ll have one or two spare days to myself so thinking I might try and squeeze in a round or two. Anywhere worth looking at?
  8. Matty6

    Would you go to Riyadh?

    Evening all, Looking for some advice on travelling to Saudi. I’ve been asked to go to Riyadh next year with work, and to be honest, I’m not sure if I want to after what’s been in the news recently. Colleagues have been a number of times and say it’s safe, but not sure I feel...
  9. Matty6

    FAO central heating bods

    I’ve got a traditional central heating system (boiler downstairs, hot water tank in the airing cupboard jobbie). It’s old and will be replaced at some point for a combi. However, recently something weird has been going on. If you turn off the heating using the thermostat downstairs you can...
  10. Matty6

    Paving slabs

    I have a concrete step outside the front door of my house and I want to lay some paving slabs. They are 40cm x 30cm in size and I want to lay them directly onto the concrete step. What prep do I need to do the concrete slab to ensure the adhesive bonds adequately?
  11. Matty6

    Anyone seen any good GPS watch offers?

    I’m in the market for a new GPS watch and was wondering if any of you guys had seen any corking offers? Looking at around the £100-£150 mark. Thanks.
  12. Matty6

    BA Frequent Flyer Program

    I’m just about to use all of my American Airlines miles, so I’m thinking of starting accruing miles with BA. Over the last few years all my flights have been BA, but I’ve posted the miles to my AA account. I want to move as it’s pretty restrictive using AA miles on BA flights. So...
  13. Matty6

    Wanted: Callaway Epic 3 Wood Stiff

    Title says it all really! Looking for the standard version and not the sub zero one. Cheers.
  14. Matty6

    Cardigan Golf Club

    Has anyone played this course? I’ll be in the area next week so looking to squeeze in one or two rounds. Looks like a nice links course with some cracking views.
  15. Matty6

    Wanted - G25 or G30 26 degree hybrid

    Anybody got one of these lying around? Must be stiff and in decent nick. Thanks.
  16. Matty6

    Motocaddy M1 and S1

    Anyone know if there are any issues securing a stand bag to one of these trolleys?? Thinking of buying either of these models but want to be sure my bag will fit. Looking at photos online the top strap looks like it might be a little small to secure the neck of my stand bag.
  17. Matty6

    Footjoy Hydrolite Jacket - aftercare

    Evening all, Really boring thread but what's the best way to remove creases from a FJ hydrolite jacket? The label says not to iron it, so I'm a little wary of putting any heat on it. I wouldn't normally bother but it's brand new and it's got a prominent crease across the chest and lower part of...
  18. Matty6

    Wanted - Jetspeed Hybrid 17 or 19 degree

    Must be stiff and in decent condition. Cheers.
  19. Matty6

    Wanted - 2017 M2 19 degree hybrid

    Must be stiff and in decent condition. Cheers.
  20. Matty6

    Wanted - SM6 58/60 wedge

    As the tile suggests, I'm on the lookout for an SM6 58 or 60 degree wedge with 4 degree of bounce. Anyone with something they want to shift?