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    Course/Club Recommendations Near Ampthill (Bedfordshire)

    I was there 3 days ago working on some equipment, 2-3 years left.
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    The Footie Thread

    Seen the FA cup draw ColchesterFC? Dream for myself as I follow both.
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    Unions do not have total control now.
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    Waterproof socks

    Just started wearing Sealskinz. Glad I purchased them.
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    Its from selling woodchip paint 🕺
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    Having a round without a beer after.

    Yes Ghost ship is the best I have tried too.
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    Solheim Cup 2021

    100% correct
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    Solheim Cup 2021

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    Best and worst towns in Britain

    I'm from Sudbury, exactly what we used to call Haverhill! Sadly more employment in Haverhill now. I agree, very few places have good high streets now unfortuntely.
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    What's your longest iron?

    Cobra utility 3-4 iron. Love it, year round.
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    Druid Golf

    Purchased a bundle 3 months ago. Very happy and will purchase again.
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    Question about the setup

    Something to do with the clearance clarence?
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    Any experience of newer/lesser known clothing brands??

    Yes. Very good, well made & the fit is good. Will purchase more.
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    Shamima Begum - In or Out

    At her age my mistake was liking Bros. Not travelling to a war zone...
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    Martin Bashir

    Will it be a 1 hit wonder?
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    Competition: What golf glove do you wear and why?

    When dry none. Wet or very cold a pair of footjoys.
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    Colchester area

    Hi Colne valley, Earls colne?
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    Enjoyed reading that and your book review of the Warwickshire 1994 season. Thank you.