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  1. Karl102

    How far do you travel? And how far would you travel?

    I had a tough decision to make a few years ago. Loved the club I was at ( Lymm ), lots of friends there who I grew up with. Thing is, I was only managing to play once a week ( maybe 1 and then 9 in the summer). Travel was the main issue during the week, getting across Warrington in the week (up...
  2. Karl102

    Golf Balls - Your Top Three

    Any premium I get for a steal brand new from an ebay shop.... Some great deals out there. Currently, AVX Pro v1x Tp5x Don't mind callaways or Bridgestone or z stars....
  3. Karl102

    Southport accommodation advice

    Vincent is the best hotel in Southport by a country mile... bumped into Freddie Couples in there when he played the senior open at Birkdale a few years ago. Not cheap though. Bliss Hotel or Hotel 21 are probably the next best. Avoid the Scarasbrick like the plague.... Or go for a small family...
  4. Karl102

    NW or NE golf trip

    Carden Park near Chester has 2 good courses and great accommodation. They do decent golf break deals..... much better than macdonald portal
  5. Karl102

    Second hand golf shop near Farnham

    Golfclubsforcash have some decent putters in....
  6. Karl102

    I just won a driver!

    Ping g425 max all day 👍
  7. Karl102

    McDonald Portal

    Championship course is OK, stay away from the other course (Premier) as its gone really down hill, shame as its a good layout! Carden Park in Chester is a better set up now...
  8. Karl102

    Callaway Apex 21 4 Hybrid Stiff

    Mods please lock, now on ebay going for a steal 😊
  9. Karl102

    Callaway Apex 21 4 Hybrid Stiff

    Hi, Impulse off the shelf buy, but prefer my 4 iron. Hit 10 times max. Still £219 new! Has the optifit hosel so can be adjusted up of down. £150 collected in the NW happy to meet up somewhere or £160 Posted Royal mail parcelforce 48.
  10. Karl102

    Stockport courses

    Played Stockport last week in their 4bbb open.... great course in top condition....
  11. Karl102

    Hardest course you’ve played, and why?

    Southernerss as already mentioned was a brute that day. I nutted driver on that par 3, and came up well short! Didn't somebody score 36 pts with the next closest being 24 or something 🤣🤣 On another note, I played St Annes Old Links and struggled to crack a 100 (off 14 at the time) as did many...
  12. Karl102

    Cricket 2021

    WTC - Overcast, swinging about and its easy to see the 2 Indian openers have such a superior technique to our guys....
  13. Karl102

    Custom Fit finally - Orka or something else

    Go and enjoy the experience! Let us know what you end up with!
  14. Karl102

    Custom Fit finally - Orka or something else

    Scottsdale is good, but Nick Hibbs at Tour x in Wigan is the best in the area... check out the website....
  15. Karl102

    I bought today.....

    Early birthday present off the father in law.... Should last me a week or 2 🤣
  16. Karl102

    I bought today.....

    Scratched an itch.... 35" Scotty X5 2021
  17. Karl102

    Scottsdale golf Custom fitting

    The new scotsdale place looks great, with the added bonus of them building the clubs there while you wait. Personally though, the fitting experience you get with tour x is second to none! You may have to wait a little while for your bats, but Nick literally builds them himself!
  18. Karl102

    Club Fitting North West & PXG

    Not sure if Nick Hibbs at tour x golf in Wigan has pxg? Best in the area for fitting though....
  19. Karl102

    Stand bag or pencil bag?

    Meet in the middle - callaway hyperlite 2. Fits a full set in (but tight, but doable) and has the full stands on so it doesn't get too muddy
  20. Karl102

    Holidaying outside the UK??

    Supposed to be golfing in Marbella at the end of May... Still relatively optimistic, emphasis on the relatively! Rearranged from last May!