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    Ads on YouTube

    I watch a lot of golf, reviews, news etc on Sky's YouTube. Last week it wouldn't come up until I jumped through a load of hoops trying to log in etc. When I finally got it active again everything I view has suddenly got loads of ads. Every 60 seconds on some stuff, making it more or less...
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    Plugged balls

    Watching the Memorial this weekend, there were several instances of players etc. looking for balls in the rough. It made me wonder what the ruling would be if a ball became plugged because the player trod on it. Would he still be able to re-place the ball?
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    Poor bugger, strolling it and then that happens.
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    How long have clubs been in lockdown in total

    Just trying to find out how long clubs were closed in England during 2020. I know it will be 12 weeks for this year (2021) Our club memberships goes from April to April and when the club was in lockdown last year those who had paid a years green fees were told any lock down periods would be...
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    Cheap way to post golf clubs

    I've been selling a few old clubs using Hermes. Now the second one I've sent has been "lost" Anyone got any cost effective recommendations ? The 120 cm length seems to be a sticking point
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    Maintenance of golf courses

    Just curious about what levels of maintenance are required when courses are closed, possibly for a long period. For example; would greens need to be mown every day to keep grass in good condition and weeds at bay, could bunkers be ignored for periods etc Hopefully a hypothetical question, but on...
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    Driving range question

    Went on the driving range yesterday for the first time in ages. It was very busy and all the ground floor bays were full. There are bays on the next floor and these are only open when all downstairs ones are full so never used these before. My shots were going a lot shorter than usual even...
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    I need a golf partner. Rant Warning.

    Need a new golf partner Rant Warning first. I'm really pissed off with my golfing partner (my brother) We both retired and started playing golf together about 5 years ago when he took retirement. We both have annual membership at our local club which is excellent value - If You Play Now and...
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    Previous holes in the way on Putting Green

    On my course the GK's always leave one hole open (uncapped) in addition to the flagged hole. I had three examples last week when these were on the line of my putt or chip and run shots. We only play for fun so have a mates agreement to move the ball when this happens and was asking one of the...
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    Low blinding sun

    I play early mornings and on some holes it's just impossible to see where your ball has gone due to the low sun. I've tried my standard polarised sunglasses but they just don't cut it. Is there anything more specialised worth trying?
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    Clarification re Bunker penalties Please

    I saw this guide (See below) to the new rules and option 4 has been discussed but seems to contradict option 1 in some circumstances. Option 1 seems to suggest I could replay the ball from its original position and only drop 1 shot. This would be a great help to me (if true) as delicate shots...
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    Recommend a Large Trolley Golf Bag

    I've currently got a Ping Pioneer which has seperate dividers for each club. However, I've got large grips on all my clubs and find clubs sticking when trying to pull them out or I have to jiggle clubs up and down a bit to get a club to slide fully back in. I just need a tiny bit more room in...
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    Adjusting foliage

    When playing a friendly the other day my I found my ball under a long individual strand of bramble. The bramble wasn't touching the ball but was arced over it. (It was about 6 foot long) I gently raised the trailing end with my club and moved it sideways so it was draped over another...
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    Adjusting foliage

    Moved to Rules
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    WANTED: Evnroll ER2

    Looking for an Evnroll ER2 Putter.
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    Multiple year membership discounts

    A club I belong to are considering a suggestion of offering a discount on members who take out multiple year memberships. They are looking for ideas of what scale of discounts to offer. Anyone belong to clubs that offer multiple year membership discounts. For example cheaper membership fees if...
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    Effects of adjusting lofts

    I bought an M1 3HL Fairway Wood which is really a fancy name for a 4 Wood. Now I want something that equates to a 6 Wood.I've got Ping 5 and 7 Woods. So I could increase the loft on the 5 or decrease the loft on the 7.Just wondering what the other effects would be as I understand that adjusting...
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    Ball hitting another ball on green

    My partner chipped onto the green and hit my ball, which I'd already chipped on, promoting it nearer the hole by a few inches. Question is; Does my ball have to be moved to its original postion or can you choose to leave it where it is. I ask the question because, although we saw the contact, we...
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    Pin position on Fairway

    Interesting first for me today. I played at Nene Valley (Thorpe Wood) this morning and was surprised to find that they'd resited the pin position on to the fairway in front of the green. :eek: I've never seen this before. The green itself was partially covered in ice and they'd put the...
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    Hitting straight left

    I can't work out why I'm tending to hit straight left lately. Not hook or draw. It's just my irons as fairway woods and driver are ok most of the time. I've checked the usual errors such as swinging outside in, club face not square and grip but can't seem to find out what the hell is going on...