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  1. drewster

    Does your handicap matter to you?

    I'm still aspirational in terms of wanting to shoot lower gross scores and my current HI is a reflection of my ability at my home course, and my home course only as the slope rating is quite high. I'm not so sure it will travel well though but that is yet to be seen.
  2. drewster

    Competition: Who wins the 149th Open Championship?

    Alex Noren, 12 under
  3. drewster

    Colchester area

    Forrester Park is a decent track and test of golf. If i was you I'd swerve 5 Lakes, it's just dull. Braintree/Stisted and Colchester are very good but you'll struggle to get on at them. Playgolf/Lexden Wood is belt and braces but fun and a challenge. Benton Hall in Witham is good and Colne...
  4. drewster

    What was your favourite memory of junior golf?

    Regretfully i didn't play golf until i gave up cricket at 32. I so wish i had my time again !!
  5. drewster

    Win a pair of the all-new FootJoy Premiere Series!

    DOne Packard Black 7.5 wide please
  6. drewster

    Good Memorable Courses not in GM Top 200 and under £40 normal visitor green fee, in UK

    It looked fantastic on Dan Hendriksens Vlog
  7. drewster

    Which member of the 2018 European Ryder Cup team would you most like to go for a pint with?

    Fleetwood, Poulter & Molinari (he's a hammer)
  8. drewster

    European Tour Fantasy League is back

  9. drewster

    Subscriptions/current course closures - what is your club doing?

    Our place are really pushing the boat out for 21/22. They're paying our EGU subscriptions and putting £25 on our green cards to spend in the bar. In the meantime we're now fully stocked with members, with a waiting list and are going back to charging joining fees.
  10. drewster

    Youtube Golf

    I only watch Dan Hendrikson and No Laying Up. I'm loving Dan's stuff at the moment, his team are a real good mix .
  11. drewster


    Morning all, just an enquiry to see if any of you are SME Directors /Business Owners or such like and have signed up to the Prosper2 rewards scheme. I've tried to undertake some online due diligence and in some forums it's being slated as a tax avoidance scheme and potentially likely to come...
  12. drewster

    Wanted - 4 Wood

    Hi , apologies for my tardiness in replying. I'd be interested in some pics and an idea of what you'd be looking for it costwise too please . thanks
  13. drewster

    Golf after lockdown 2

    730 tomorrow morning, cant wait. New driver and irons at the ready !!
  14. drewster

    Wanted - 4 Wood

    Thanks gents, much appreciated.
  15. drewster

    Wanted - 4 Wood

    Afternoon all, has anyone got a fairway wood between 16.5 and 17.5 degrees that they're looking to move on ? RH, Regular/Firm , in decent nick would be great. Not looking to spend a fortune as it's an expensive time of year but i'm 50 on Friday and want to treat myself accordingly. Any and all...
  16. drewster

    Non Golf Black friday

    I'm on the search right now for a chromebook for my eldest who's nearly 10. Sub £200 ideally
  17. drewster

    Oldies but goodies for sale...

    Mate , you're selling the driver!!! Thinking about buying it back for old times sake !!
  18. drewster

    Where's your opening tee shot going?

    Over the dyke hopefully !!!
  19. drewster

    Perks of a membership?

    Being able to play "prime time" golf on Saturday and Sunday mornings on a decent course.
  20. drewster

    Band reunion; you have the power...

    Fixed that for you ;)