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    Golf Random Irritations

    you've found the trees you've got some branches interfering with your swing take a million practice swings not hitting the branch pull the trigger ... wham club hits the tree. every. single. time
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    2021 Professional Golf Thread

    Nelly Korda has a majestic swing like
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    Think it looks class me would use shafts like that in my clubs :D
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    Online golf tips

    I’ll be going down the rabbit hole tonight Fat shot remedies will be the search
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    Are You A Potential Bandit?

    PBR … 7.1 -1.9=5.2 IR …. 10.6-1.9 = 8.7 More likely to hit 19 over at the minute than the 3 over that was the 1.9
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    I bought today.....

    i have always hated wearing waterproofs always felt restricted even tried shortsleeve 1/4 zip and still hated playing in them. the hydroknit is just like wearing a midlayer
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    I bought today.....

    hasn’t let me down so far the top It’s superb
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    2021 Professional Golf Thread

    Why’s the coverage of this PGA tour event worse than the masters am I missing something
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    Holy grail of the golf swing?

    (620) Pros vs. Ams | Golf Swing Hip Rotation 🔄 - YouTube
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    Season has ended

    down to 7.1 from 9.4 every round feels like a hell of a battle now. need to forget about handicap and just try and get more enjoyment out there i can comfortably shoot enough pars to break 80 but double bogeys are the killer
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    Golf in Dubai

    Budget friendly option would be jebel ali I reckon out of the way at about 30 mins from downtown Dubai but it’s a cheaper canny little 9 hole course But if I was going to Dubai I’d be playing night golf at the Faldo course
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    2021 Professional Golf Thread

    lesser prestige tournaments especially on the PGA seem to be set up easier.... they seem to think birdies = viewing figures
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    Consistently inconsistent

    my scores in the WHS 20 range from 74-90 there's more than a couple 89's in there also
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    What's your favourite putter and why?

    2 ball served me well but my copper spider x has been fantastic But if I’m being honest the putters not the problem when i putt bad
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    1st 18

    3 wood and a white castle tee would give me sweats standing over it.
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    Never saw a thing

    the more you play the better you'll get at recognizing strike if i lose sight of a ball (into the sun or white clouds in the winter) i can normally tell which direction it is heading
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    Drive for Dough???

    Drive for dough, flush irons for dough, wedge play for dough, chip for dough and putt for dough imo
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    One thing….

    As a 15-20 handicapper I always tried to hit it straight i started to shoot in the high 70s low 80s when I gave up that unicorn hunt
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    One thing….

    Yeah tv coverage always follows the leaders who are on fire, so they’re holing 15 footers or getting up and down from anywhere and when they’re not showing the leaders they’ll cut to someone in the field who has holed a raker for birdie or eagle Featured group coverage can be very interesting...
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    Playing golf with a hangover - tips?

    Berocca Water and Bacon Sarnie with the above steps i shot 34 points then 24 and 29 :D