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  1. patricks148

    Rocket Launcher mats

    The couple of guys I know who use then is only for the convenience of it fits in your back pocket none think it gives them any advantage.
  2. patricks148

    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    Yep, and there were more before the open there paddy won, I remember reading The R&A got a lot cut down , before and after the turn up to the the 2nd to last par 3.
  3. patricks148

    Random irritations of the day......

    Dog owners not picking up, out biking today and went though one what must have been left by Digby.. the guy behind me got some sprayed on him, so we stopped on the path, guess what two of us then trod on some on the very of the path.
  4. patricks148

    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    You've obviously never been to carnoustie dear boy, hundreds of the horrible things there, ours are only on the of the family's that have been members since the club was started own a sawmill, so planted loads around the edges,m9st have gone now though.
  5. patricks148

    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    Bit the bullet today and went for a game. A balmy 7 deg which is head and shoulders better to play in even with the fact it was a bit drizzly. Only down side was the green keepers were burning a couple of fallen trees, one next to the toilets the back of the 11th tee. It is a Scots pine so they...
  6. patricks148

    Pearl/grade A balls

    Only spammers 🤣
  7. patricks148

    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    Trouble is we played at 9am, so I have to leave the house in Inverness by 8 to miss the worst of the traffic, trouble is it's still pretty dark at that time, its difficult to see how the weather is going to pan out at that time.
  8. patricks148

    Coronavirus - how is it/has it affected you?

    Got my booster and flu jab on Saturday. They made a big deal of the fact it was a different type to the original vax. We had The Oxford AZ for the main one and Pfizer for the booster, made to wait in the docs for 15 mins after to make sure there were no side effects
  9. patricks148

    Old games/devices making a comeback

    I noticed the last time we were in Tesco they had a big stack of Twister, kerplunk and connect 4 on sale.
  10. patricks148

    Has WHS contributed to Slow Play

    Yes it's not WHS that's slowed our rounds down, it's the club not having the seeded start any longer and a few of the slowest people at the club now want to play early, where they couldn't before. Used to always play at 9 and it rarely took longer than 3 and a quarter, now 4 appears to be the...
  11. patricks148

    Best wet/cold weather gloves

    Are they pink ?🤣
  12. patricks148

    Possible Golf membership Interview questions ???

    Some good points
  13. patricks148

    The old wedge shaft debate

    Mine say on the sticker, I've got S200 and S400, which is "stiffer" than reg I think 🤔
  14. patricks148

    Gender Free/Neutral Tees

    Yes All tees rated separately, can't remember off hand but there is a 5 shot diff in the par off the greens which is what the old red tee (ladies) I'm not sure the rating per tee is possible, well not without some sort of adjustment. We have 5 holes that are par 4 for men and par 5 for ladies...
  15. patricks148

    The old wedge shaft debate

    I just had a look at mine, two in the bag at the moment are Wedge flex S200, but the new one not used yet says S400.
  16. patricks148

    Best wet/cold weather gloves

    Alas no one has come up with a solution under one product as far as I know. I've had several different makes of wet weather gloves that were great for wet weather when it's not cold but left your hands freezing when it was anything under 10 deg. Also had several pairs of cold weather gloves too...
  17. patricks148

    Golf lessons - structure

    I don't think it's unreasonable to want a plan and structure to your lesson s, you will need to make that clear to the pro or find one that teaches in that way.
  18. patricks148

    Do you love your putter?

    I love my black spotty, but it's not been back in the bag since lockdown. I tend to use an old bashed putter over winter, esp as there tends to be fair bit of sand on the greens over winter and that scuffs the black finish and gets in the milled groves on the face. Never got round to swapping...
  19. patricks148

    Gender Free/Neutral Tees

    All our tees are rated for men and women, we have even added another tee in front of the ladies, but the ladies refuse to use them even though it would make the course a bit easier for them. The positive has been lots of seniors and even the reg seniors section games midweek are now played from...
  20. patricks148

    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    4th day in a row I've chickened out and each time it's been sunny, but cold. Only played once in the last 7 days...unheard of for me unless I'm ill.