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  1. rosecott

    54 Handicappers - Scourge or Scarcity ?

    No, it wasn't.
  2. rosecott

    Can you be too keen on the rules ?

    Tash, what goes into your WHS record is 100% of your gross scores - with any necessary adjustments down to nett double bogey - whether it's a singles comp or a General Play card.
  3. rosecott

    Can you be too keen on the rules ?

    Why would 95% be calculated for a General Play card - it's not a comp? The adjusted gross score just goes straight on to your handicap record at 100%
  4. rosecott

    Laughter - the best medicine

    From the Yorkshire Herald Newspaper> Buttock Tattoo Terror Lands Rotherham Pair In Hospital A furious row has broken out between a local tattoo artist and his client after what started out as a routine inking session left both of them requiring emergency hospital treatment. Furious film...
  5. rosecott

    Best wet/cold weather gloves

    Macwets have 2 options - the climatec ones are meant to be a bit better in the cold. If it's cold and wet, I wear the climatec Macwets but, between shots, I wear a pair of mittens with a disposable hand warmer (Little Hotties etc) in each. For me, that does the job - good grip for the shots and...
  6. rosecott

    WHS Handicap Index fluctuation

    Last UHS =18 1st WHS = 19.9 Highest = 21.2 Lowest = 15.6 Current = 18.8 116 scores since start of WHS
  7. rosecott

    Eclectic throughout the year

    No, WHS (or your National Body) would not have anything to do with the running of an eclectic - entirely up to clubs.
  8. rosecott

    Qualifying competitions

    Depends where he does it.
  9. rosecott

    Winter Golf - Handicap Qualifying Competitions - Change in Handicap Culture

    You've always been a big softy.
  10. rosecott

    Unsecured connections..

    Got it again, says it expired 47 days ago.
  11. rosecott

    25 degree hybrid

    Probably the most used club in my bag is a Ping G410 30 degree hybrid - magic out of fairway bunkers.
  12. rosecott

    Kyle Rittenhouse

    Absolutely no surprise - as soon as the judge, early in the trial, decreed that the deceased could not be referred to as "victims", the outcome was inevitable.
  13. rosecott

    Lift, Clean And Place

    I do know about Preferred Lies and, at our place, that is what it is called - sometimes Winter Rules but no-one calls it LCP (being sand-based we do not use E-2). To me, LCP is too close to LCR with a likelihood of players "mixing up" the two rules.
  14. rosecott

    Lift, Clean And Place

    Perhaps it's me, but, I can only find Model LR E-2 which is concerned with lift, clean and replace. Where do I find the Model LR for lift, clean and place?
  15. rosecott

    Lift, Clean And Place

    Surely the model local rule specifies that the ball must be replaced on the original spot.
  16. rosecott

    New handicap.

    You know things have changed, Bob. SSS went to an early grave and it's all Course Ratings and Score Differentials now.
  17. rosecott

    Qualifying competitions

    Is your club main committee happy that your Seniors Section is making decisions that should be made at the main committee level?
  18. rosecott

    Questions about WHS regarding 9 hole rounds

    I wish I had been as observant as you, Colin.
  19. rosecott

    Questions about WHS regarding 9 hole rounds

    A 9-hole score is scaled up to an equivalent 18-hole Score Differential as follows and rounded to the nearest tenth, with .5 rounded upwards: Score Differential = (113 ÷ Slope Rating) x (adjusted gross score – Course Rating – (0.5 x PCC adjustment)) Where: Slope Rating equals the 9-hole Slope...
  20. rosecott

    Golf trip w/c March 7

    Southport nightlife = Wetherspoons