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  1. DeanoMK

    Away comps

    Hello, Quick one, playing at a friends course on Saturday, they're actually playing in a comp, can I enter it as an away member? Never done anything like that so didn't know it if was possible? Thanks
  2. DeanoMK


    Just on the off chance: I use weebly to build my mobile disco website and it's due for renewal, anyone know of any discount codes knocking around? Thank you.
  3. DeanoMK

    This is incredible.

    Was going to put this on the youtube golf thread but thought it deserved it's own. Stumbled across this on Instagram and had to share it, skip to 8 minutes in and just watch what happens.
  4. DeanoMK

    Kent/Dover area

    Hello, my friend and I have tickets for championship Sunday at The Open, staying in East Cliff on the Saturday (17th) anyone able to host us for a mid-late afternoon round in or around that area? Many thanks.
  5. DeanoMK

    Adidas Low Am shoes

    Hi everyone. Selling these limited edition Adidas CrossKnit DPR shoes in size 8. Brand new with tags - I don't have the box anymore unfortunately though. £70 inc. P&P Adidas Crossknit DPR Low Am Shoes Unveiled - Golf Monthly
  6. DeanoMK

    The Big Golf Race

    Hello you lovely lot. 3 friends and I are taking on The Big Golf Race Marathon (4 rounds in one day) for Prostate Cancer UK on 24th June, at Silverstone Golf Club. Just thought I'd put the link up on here in case anyone would like to donate, anything would be hugely appreciated. Thank you...
  7. DeanoMK

    2021 Goals/Targets

    What are your goals and/or targets for 2021? Personally: 1) To get my HI under 11, currently 14.9. 2) To win a club comp. 3) To take better stats to allow me to work on areas of improvement i.e. GIR% (which is roughly around 30%) 4) Working on my golfing fitness - to try and increase clubhead...
  8. DeanoMK

    American Golf Gift Card

    Had to return the shoes I bought on Saturday due to an issue with blisters, but they would only give me a gift card due to them being there was nothing in stock in-store or online I'd rather the cash to get shoes from somewhere else. On the card is £117 so I'm looking to get that...
  9. DeanoMK

    My 1st ever hole in one!

    As some of you may have seen, I recently joined Leighton Buzzard Golf Course. Tonight, I played with @Liverpoolphil and two of my friends and on the 11th hole, the signature par 3, I recorded my first ever hole in one. To a back pin, I hit a 9 iron that pitched perfectly and rolled into the...
  10. DeanoMK

    Furlough question

    Hello. I was on furlough but have been back at work for 2 weeks now. My mother-in-law has just had a test come back positive for COVID-19 as of today and last Friday my wife and two kids visited her house, staying in the garden and adhering to social distancing rules. As a precaution we all...
  11. DeanoMK

    PGA Tour 2K21

    As featured on the GM pages, brand new game incoming - I assume with the next gen consoles. Fingers crossed they get this right! Lots of talk on twitter how 2K are very renowned for their microtransactions (in game purchases) though. GM feature...
  12. DeanoMK

    CBD Oil

    I keep hearing a lot about CBD oil and I'm a complete newbie to all of this stuff. Just wondering if anyone uses it and if you have noticed any improvements to your wellbeing because of it?
  13. DeanoMK

    Exeter, this Tuesday

    Hello. I'm heading down to Exeter Airport on Tuesday to drop something work related off - I've got to hang around for 3-4 hours so I'm thinking of squeezing some golf in - anyone about for a game? Will be about 10.30/11.
  14. DeanoMK

    Damage on line of putt

    Just curious on this one. You're on the green but on your line is deliberate damage from another player - it's an old mark where someone has clearly done a Sergio and whacked the ground with their club - are you allowed to move the ball so that the damage is no longer on your line? Thanks
  15. DeanoMK

    Czech Republic Golf

    Last weekend I ventured to Czech Republic with 7 of my friends to Prosper Golf Resort in Celadna. I can thoroughly recommend it as a destination for golf - the others I went with have been numerous times before but this was my 1st time and won't be my last. Amazing views, courses, food, weather...
  16. DeanoMK

    Shot Scope V2 GPS Watch

    I won a Garmin S20 and had my V2 replaced due to a faulty button at basically the same time so I've decided to sell the V2. It's still sealed. Looking for £180 inc P&P. Payment via PayPal goods & services.
  17. DeanoMK

    Bobby Jones

    I could genuinely watch this all day long.
  18. DeanoMK

    Competition win conundrum

    Found out on Wednesday I've won a Garmin S20 GPS watch courtesy of a giveaway on Instragram. Now I've got this watch and a Shot Scope V2 and I don't know which one to keep. I love my V2 and the data it gives me, but I do find the watch a tad too bulky and the strap and clasp are horrible...
  19. DeanoMK

    Another course gone

    Sandilands golf course, founded in 1894, closed yesterday. Members got an email yesterday morning and the staff were told that they were being made redundant. Genuinely upset about this one, played it a couple of times and it's a lovely course and a real shame for everyone affiliated with the...
  20. DeanoMK

    Shotscope Leaderboard

    I've created a leaderboard for the GM Forum on Shotscope for those of you that would like to join, the code is: IZZRAC Nice little way of seeing how you're performing against others with the watch, that keep their stats up to date. Cheers