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  1. Bratty

    Help with WHS and a score not counting

    Hi all, I'm sure its going to be obvious to someone, but why is an 88 not being replaced by a more recent 85? Last round: index 10.4, score diff 13.9, strokes 85, PCC0 (dunno what this is?). Existing round: index 11.1, score diff 12.9, strokes 88, PCC1 Any ideas?
  2. Bratty

    CT6 battery not releasing from trolley

    Today, I couldn't remove the battery from the trolley. It had worked perfectly all round. Got to the car, turned the trolley off, lifted the grey handle and... nothing. Wouldn't free or release and felt properly stuck! Should have enough for a round tomorrow but then I'll be screwed. Anyone...
  3. Bratty

    Anyone fancy a game in Arnside area tomorrow pm?

    As the title suggests, does anyone fancy a round at a golf course near Arnside, tomorrow afternoon. Short notice, I appreciate, but have some unexpected spare time now. Was thinking Silverdale, Kirkby Lonsdale, Kendal, Casterton or even Morecambe? Or somewhere else?
  4. Bratty

    County golf 60% off

    County-golf have 60% off their warehouse sale! Use voucher code 'sixty' at the checkout. Trousers and shirt for £16 delivered!
  5. Bratty

    Discount at Scottsdale Golf

    Scottsdale golf are in Canary Wharf until this Sunday (in Cabot Square) and have a long drive competition and a putting competition, plus some other stuff. They've a sale on the website (up to 50% off), but gave me a code that will give you another 10% off anything, sale or non-sale! Code is...
  6. Bratty

    24hr deal on Dwyer trousers at county golf

    Dwyer trousers, four colours, loads of sizes, £9.99, £13.49 delivered, from county-golf...
  7. Bratty

    New ball marker for this Sunday only

    I thought it might be nice to do something different on the course for Remembrance Sunday. So I bought a metal poppy, snipped the pin off, filed it down, and I now have a new ball marker that will serve two purposes.
  8. Bratty

    Bratty's Bargain Basement

    They won't be everyone's cup of tea, but county golf are selling Slazenger polos for £3.99.
  9. Bratty

    15 year old irons vs 2 year old irons

    My Dad decided he wasn't going to bother with golf any more having never really played more than 6 round in his life. So he gave me back my old Golden Bear irons, which I'll take over to the in-laws in Ireland. Thought I'd take the 6 iron up to the range last night to see if it was okay. Turns...
  10. Bratty

    Good deal on Callaway balls at Westerham GC

    The pro shop at Westerham is selling two dozen SuperSoft for £29.99. Or two dozen Chrome Soft plus a free cap for £49.99. Maybe not the cheapest cf. online, but still pretty good value I thought.
  11. Bratty

    Callaway: up to 66% off

    It's the latest Bratty Fashion Offer! Golfbase are selling some Callaway gear at up to 66% off. Enjoy.
  12. Bratty

    Why you should talk to strangers who clearly play golf

    So I'm walking back to a local street food market for dinner, carrying another 2 dozen Lynx Tour Soft golf balls (that cost all of £15) and waiting at the lights next to a guy carrying a driver. So we nod to reach other, and I ask him which balls he plays with, as these things are really good...
  13. Bratty

    Great deal on Mizuno jumpers

    Me again! :D Email from Golfbase today: Mizuno merino wool jumpers £100 down to £30.32 with code 'mizmerino'. Other Mizuno jumpers at £29.90.
  14. Bratty

    Great deal on shirts

    Got an email from golfbase, loads of shirts for under £20...
  15. Bratty

    County-golf have a 90% sale!

    Glenmuir shirts for £5.99, Ashworth, Callaway and Greg Norman shirts for £9.99, as an example, plus a good few other things for under £20. Some great ladies clobber too. I apologise for decimating your bank balances! :D
  16. Bratty

    Great but worrying simulator session today

    So I'm in Singapore at the moment, and there is a terrible haze problem, plus 78% humidity, which means driving range time is not high on my agenda. However, I found a bar here, called Urban Fairways, that has three simulators. First the great bit. It cost me £30 for an hour and they threw in...
  17. Bratty

    Westerham long-game driving range open from tomorrow

    I know some had expressed an interest in this, so heads up! From tomorrow, you can use the brand new driving range at Westerham. Coupled with a great short game area and or pro's me indoor simulator cave, it really will be a great place to practice!
  18. Bratty

    Praise for a hardware supplier

    So we've ordered a bench in memory of a 53 year old member and past Captain who died of a brain tumour earlier this year. I was looking for bolts/fixings as the bench company's weren't great, and found, who looked very good. Emailed them to find out which fixings would be...
  19. Bratty

    Titleist Velocity going cheap are offering 4 for 3 on Velocity balls, £57.97, a smudge under £15/dozen.
  20. Bratty

    Recommendations for golf in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore please

    I've done a search and couldn't find much, so... The wife and I are heading for Kuala Lumpur for a wedding and then I have 3 weeks in Singapore with work. I am likely to play a round of golf at Saujana resort (wedding location), so anyone played there before? Two courses, so which is better...