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    Seniors Open Burham & Berrow Monday 12th July

    Hi All My Playing Partner can not make this now so I have a free Tee Slot at 9am if anyone is interested? The Rules are over 55 in Age and WHS HI less than 18, the entry fee for a visitor is £60 inc meal afterwards (Which I think is great value considering a visitors green fee is £130) members...
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    Player Penalties for repeat Non Return of Cards

    Hi We have tried to educate an been fuzzy and warm to some of the members who continue to not return their cards from a comp so we are going the the 3 strikes and the player is sanctioned route. We have not issue with players NR a hole or a number of holes in medal and accepting they have DQd...
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    Short Wedge shots

    I have recently found that hooding the face of my wedges has improved my shot wedge play no end, how able to confidently play a lowish pitch to the hole that checks up quickly. Thought on why this maybe, to only explanation I have is that it is have to same effect as lifting the heal up and is...
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    WGC Dell Technologies Match Play - Slow Play

    Why the hell did the PGA allow the Slow Play yesterday, it was painful to watch. By all accounts they didn't just loose a hole to Kuchar and Perez they lost several, I just don't get it, it was a bloody two ball after all :mad:
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    WHS Allowance Small Field singles stroke play

    I am sure I have read that the EG recommended not to apply the WHS 100% Allowance for a small field stroke play competition, I'm asking because we have a singles stroke play knockout and I initially set up 95% but I just want to check that it shouldn't be 100% as there are only two players per...
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    Stableford Countback

    Had an interesting and possibly unusual situation recently in a 4BBB comp, two teams posted exactly the same score for a minor placing and on IG their back nine countback was exactly the same, so they asked how were they separated. I looked at it as per the recommendation in R&A Committee...
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    Footjoy Dryjoys Hydrolite Rain Jacket

    Selling my Footjoy Dryjoys Hydrolite Jacket Large Size is large measures 23 inch arm pit to arm pit Two outside hip pockets and one inside pocket, used a couple of times so in excellent condition £60 Posted to UK Post Code
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    WHS - Handicap Allowances Question

    I have just been reading through the WHS CONGU Rules of Golf, particularly Handicap Allowance I not sure if 4BBB has changed to the CONGU Manual 2019 which reads Back marker to concede strokes to the other 3 players based on 90% of the difference between the full handicaps, so I have been...
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    Playing the wrong Ball in Greensomes

    Played greenstone today and after my drive and my partners approach which I saw land and settle down in the semi rough I walked to it an found what i thought was my ball as it had similar markings an proceed to chip on the the green, when my PP marked it he asked if I was playing an Ultra, No...
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    Lifting Ball on the Green and not Marking

    In yesterdays Medal player in group behind did not have a great 1st hole and was 6 on the green and lifted his ball an put it in his pocket forgetting its a medal not Stableford, and did not replace the ball to complete the hole thinking its straight DQ. I advised that this was not the case as...
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    England Golf and Club Opens

    Has anyone heard a rumour that England Golf are going release a statement this week on whether, based on Government advise, Open Competitions are not allowed or not, under the current Covid-19 restrictions?
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    How far would you financially support yout club at this time?

    During a Skype meeting with other committee members it was clear that having to close the bar, restaurant and having restrictions on the clubs pro shop is going to leave approx. £20K hole a month in the clubs income, it got me thinking how far would, or could you, support your club at this time...
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    Greensomes Conundrum

    Interesting one today in our mixed Winter Greensomes. Par 5 Hole 15th, I tee off and pull my drive towards the rough on the LHS My Playing partner proceeds to to the ladies tee that is 75 yds further up, proceeds to drive and makes an air shot ball is left on the tee. Our opponents think that...
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    Ball OB that comes back

    Match Play knockout last night BB one of our opponents slices his drive off the 14th Tee and we all watch it sail over the trees and hedge OB onto the 9th faraway or bridle path he then plays a provisional that is also a little left. We walk to look for his provisional and he spots his first...
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    Ping G410 Driver

    I am looking for other peoples experience, I currently play a G SFT 12 degree set to 11.4 which I hit Ok for my hcp usual carry about 195 ~ 210 yrds so as you can see not the fastest swing speed, but recently I feel the ball launches too high. I like to look of the G410 Plus and as there was a...
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    Now bored with Youtube Club reviews

    With the plethora or new drivers, fairways and irons being launched recently, I have found that I have gone from being an avid viewer of all the different Youtube videos on the technology each club has to offer, and their performance, to only watching one or two, because the differences between...
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    TaylorMade GAPR - " Tested by You " Reader opportunity

    Don't wish to sound smug, but I've got the biggest gin ever, because I received an email today to say I am one one of the lucky guys to be selected for this, Happy Days! Can't wait, should be a great afternoon, really looking forward to the fitting and playing a few holes with GM Team at West Hill
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    Just a two :thup: for GolfWorx ( I fancied a Srixon Z-U65 Driving Iron and they have them competitively priced but I had not heard of them before so was a little worried, I phoned to talk about my purchase and they were very helpful Equally their follow customer service...
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    WTB - Ping Ketsch Heavy Cadence TR (388g)

    As per title does anyone have one they want to move on? Thanks
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    Wanted - AP1 716 Demo Head 6i, 7i or 8i

    As title, I'm looking for an AP1 716 Demo Head 8i / 7i / 6i so I can try some alternative shafts before I make my mind up on whether to re-shaft my 716s of trade them for AP3If you have one or know where I can get one please let me knowThanks