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    UK Golf Break for 30th birthday any ideas please?

    Looking for somewhere to go in the UK for a few days towards the end of August with my partner to celebrate my 30th birthday. Was thinking somewhere which is a spa/golf / hotel package and is in an area with which would have plenty of other outdoor activities to do (Hiking, kayaking etc) It...
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    How tight should macwet golf gloves be?

    I measured my hand before ordering and measured a 8 which is m/l and there is a very small amount of extra fabric at the end on a couple of the fingers. Do they shrink when wet? Or should they be very tight from the get go and not even have a little extra material anywhere? (My normal golf...
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    Which waterproof jacket is best for £100?

    Finally getting round to picking up a waterproof jacket and just wondering what is best to get for around £100? Ideally want one which is very flexible, doesn't make a lot of crunching noises and is breathable. Have had a Google and found these options anything better about? Or will one of...
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    Can anyone recommend a phone tripod for recording golf swing at the range?

    On the lookout for a good phone tripod to record my swing at the range. Has anyone purchased one which they can recommend?
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    U.S Open Free Live Link Link To Featured Groups

    If anyone wants to watch the featured groups it is showing here for free: (could not see any threads open on the U.S open hopefully not being blind)
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    Really struggling to improve and it is getting frustrating, what to do next?

    Broke 100 twice this year. But now I think I might be broken I am going out and getting 130-140 which is completely demoralising. One minute I am hitting my irons and 4 hybrid to a good standard and then I fall to pieces by fatting it, thinning it, shaking, topping you name it I will be doing...
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    Looking for a 3 hybrid to get me off the tee, what should I be looking for?

    I can not hit my driver at all it is a right pain in the ass, I will have to work on it at the driving range but in the meantime I want a 3 hybrid and not sure which brand / model to go for? What is long and forgiving? Want something to get me off the tee box and down the fairway. Will be...
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    Do umbrellas work well on a trolley or do they end up being a pain?

    Just wondering if it is worth spending money on a decent golf umbrella to put on a push trolley? Or does very little wind just end up tipping the trolley over all the time? Keep getting unlucky with the British weather and getting a good old soaking half way through the round. Slowly making...
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    Hitting it out off bounds from the tee box but the ball is playable..

    If I hit a ball out of bounds from the tee box but it is playable can I still take another tee shot and just add one on for the penalty? Or do I need to bring the ball back into play from where it has gone out of bounds ?
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    Ping dlx golf bag anything better before I pull the trigger?

    Nearly at the stage of purchasing a ping DLX bag, just wondering if there is anything better or any other bags I should consider before I do? Always use it on push cart / trolley Thanks!
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    What happens when you are having a nightmare from the tee box and keeping hitting lost balls?

    So if you hit 3 balls into the farmers field over a hedge on a tee box and your 4th makes the fairway apart from crying how is this scored?
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    Shotscope V3 anyone got a presale discount link? Really disappointed in my Garmin so want to send it back and get on these.

    Shotscope V3 is being released soon and for anyone who purchased a V2 there was an email sent out which offers the V3 at £159. Would anyone who has this link be willing to me it so i can preorder please? Vivoactive 4 has been really disappointing: Not always detecting chips around the green...
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    Noticed a lot of golf clubs disappeared from ?

    Last year myself and a few mates used to book unpopular times at local clubs to keep costs down and get us out playing. A lot of the clubs have disappeared. Does anyone know if this just a temporary measure?
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    Short game book Phil Mickelson or Dave Pelz?

    Thinking of picking a short game book up. Not sure which one to purchase?
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    Any difference between mens / ladies golf bags? Can get a good deal on a ladies one..

    I can get the ping pioneer monsoon for £70 locally which is brand new but it is a ladies model. This one same colour which doesn't not look like a ladies colour scheme to me...
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    Anyone know where i can get a Nike Golf Tiger Woods Heritage 86 Frank Cap?

    Had a look everywhere online and it is out of stock unless i pay silly money on ebay. This is the one i am referring to either black / white Bit of a last ditch attempt , but if...
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    Can anyone advise me if this M2 driver is a good buy? Do not know anything about driver shafts

    Hi all, Hoping if someone can advise me on the shaft which comes with this driver please? It is a MATRIX WHITE TIE 50 REGULAR SHAFT but i think the stock shaft is usually a FUJIKURA PRO 50. Is the shaft better or worse than the stock one...
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    Wanted Ping G25 or G30 Driver - Regular - 10.5

    If anyone has one they want to sell let me know please (y)
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    What resources would you recommend to learn course management?

    Is there any go to book / videos about anyone can point me towards please?
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    Golf Bag Recommendations For a Trolley

    Have gone down a bit of a rabbit hole in research. Looking for a good quality bag specifically made to be walked with on a trolley and where the clubs will not snag while getting them out of the bag. Ideally do not want to spend over £100 but happy to spend a little more or go into the second...