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  1. bristolgolfer

    Is a trolley worth it?

    Love the responses I've gotten! haven't logged in for a week and wasn't expecting so many responses haha, I think it is much more of a personal preference since I can imagine pushing a trolley is going to be as tough as walking with it on your back on a hill-ier course. Are there bags that...
  2. bristolgolfer

    Is a trolley worth it?

    Hey Guys & Gals, New poster here so thought I'd make it a good one! I'm a new golfer who's fallen in love with the game. I'm in my mid 20's and I've been slowly progressing to the point I can see myself becoming a member of a club soon. I probably get out once a week and it's a great time...
  3. bristolgolfer

    Golf trolley phone holder?

    I actually bought one made for a bike but the clamp fits on my trolley a treat! Don't currently use it as a GPS but VPAR works well to track my score as I hack it around.