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  1. Wolf

    Giving Something Back / Pay it forward

    Now we're post lockdown I felt it was right time for this thread. Bare with me could get a bit wordy here😂 During lockdown my wife was struggling with not seeing my kids regularly and also being effectively locked in doors. So @GB72 kindly came to my wife's rescue and gave us an Xbox One...
  2. Wolf

    Taylormade HiToe Milled Wedges

    Having a wee clear out of excess golf gear.. Selling both 54° & 58° milled Copper finish HiToe TM Wedges.. Used only for a couple of rounds. Looking for about £60 per club but happy to do a deal.
  3. Wolf

    Scotty Cameron Newport Select 2.7

    Selling my Scotty Cameron Newport Select 2.7 Putter, comes complete with Original Scotty headcover, I have changed the grip to a golf pride standard. Looking for around £120 including delivery. Open to reasonable offers. in
  4. Wolf

    Matchplay query

    Just sat here with my dad and he's explained something that occurred in a Vets league match his club had. Wasn't his group but he wanted advice so thought I'd ask here.. Bare with me. 4BBB matchplay only 1 player from each team left in the hole. Player from Team A is on the green putting for...
  5. Wolf

    Matchplay Comps what does your club do.

    Rather than taking over another thread I'd thought I'd pop a new one up to canvas opinion. My club only has the 1 knockout comp which is for the whole club, with full handicap allowance for shots. My old club from many moons ago, had 3 such comps with varying names but effectively they were ...
  6. Wolf

    Some human beings are just vile

    Came across this in the online version of what used to be our local paper back home as still keep abreast of things there due to family etc.. This article shows how vile some human beings are, the worst part being I actually know the guy involved as he used to train in a gym I was working...
  7. Wolf

    Monzo Banking

    I've been with Barclays for years, but have recently been thinking about switching, and after some discussions with someone at the club and having a look online I'm quite tempted to make the switch. So just Wondered if anyone uses Monzo for their banking and what their experiences are.
  8. Wolf

    Ben Hogan Golf Clubs

    Got a birthday coming up in August and I fancy a new set of irons, something that looks aesthetically pleasing and feels good to. Plus this will then maybe with the exception of adding a driving iron to my set up, will complete my bag for the foreseeable. There's nothing wrong with the clubs I...
  9. Wolf

    Formats of play you just don't like or can't play!

    After my wee chat in the I played today thread, I got to wondering are the any formats you can't stand or just can't play.. For me it's Stableford, I can't stand it and rarely and I mean very rarely do I score well in it. I literally get bored of playing for points and lose my focus on the...
  10. Wolf

    Converting VCR to DVD

    Exactly what the thread says in the title... I'm after some advice from the tech savvy bunch on here. After seeing the Trooping of the colour in TV today Mrs Wolf wants her and the kids to see my days of drill, pomp and parade. I've got some videos of several parades I did in my military...
  11. Wolf

    3 Wood Wilson F5 FG Tour

    3 Wood Wilson F5 FG Tour, as new only used a couple of times as an experiment. Fully adjustable includes wrench, has a Fubuki R Flex shaft. Looking for around £60 ono, price includes postage.
  12. Wolf

    Cobra F6 Driver

    Bit of a clear out in prep for my new kit coming this week. Next up is my driver. Cobra F6 in Blue. Reg Flex Ozik Matrix shaft, Fully adjustable includes the wrench. Looking for £65 Inc postage ono.
  13. Wolf

    Titleist Vokey Wedges for sales 54 & 60°

    Selling my 54 & 60° Vokey SM4 Wedges. Both have Golf Pride Multi Compound grips and Dynamic Gold Shafts. The 54° has 11° bounce. The 60° had 7° bounce. Ideally £30 Inc postage or sensible offers for either or both together
  14. Wolf

    Arccos 360 Tracking system

    Selling this on behalf of my dad as he has switched to full set Cobra irons with sensors built into grips. 14 sensors in box, including quick start guide easy to set up and use. £60 ono Inc postage.
  15. Wolf

    TM New Original One Driver launch

    Seen this in a few places last couple days online and through social media. TM launching another new driver, have to admit though this does tempt me especially for summer off the tee. Smaller head, more loft and a upgrade in their old mini driver. I even like the look of it...
  16. Wolf

    Callaway XR 3 Wood

    Callaway XR 3 Wood, Project X 6.0 Stiff shaft. GOLF pride tour velvet grip with 2 layers of tape underneath, and grip put on with logo side underneath as I prefer not to see logos on grips. Phone won't allow me to put the pics due to file size on...
  17. Wolf

    PGA Tour Dress code

    So as of today and with immediate effect Players can now wear taylored shorts effective immediately for practice and Pro Am days only. Imo a step in the right direction but I would like to see it relaxed further and allow it during actual tournament play. Wonder what the reason is for not...
  18. Wolf

    The 9 shots - Do you have them.

    This is something I first heard of when reading Haneys book about Tiger and how he had all 9 and hit all 9 on the range before every round a few years back and had forgotten all about until yesterday. Was sat listening to a podcast whilst eating dinner at the hotel and Simon Dyson was talking...
  19. Wolf

    Golf in Salford

    So as of next week I start a new job and I have to go away Mon - Fri for training for the next 4 weeks. I was wondering if you knowledgeable bunch would know of any places in the area I could go of an evening with decent facilities to practice, happy with a decent range and if it has any short...
  20. Wolf

    Volvik Golf

    So as part of my fitting/purchase today I got a dozen of these given to me as thank you for my business. I've been out of the game as previously stated for few years so I'd actually never heard of them, I thought it was a brand of water... Never knew there was a golf brand with that name, I...