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  1. NearHull

    Random irritations of the day......

    As children, our Sunday lunch ( called dinner) had a Yorkshire Pudding with gravy to start, a Yorkshire Pudding with a meat and veg as a main and Yorkshire Pudding with butter and sugar as a sweet. My mother made Yorkshire Puddings in large rectangular dishes about a couple of inches deep...
  2. NearHull

    Random irritations of the day......

    A moped?
  3. NearHull

    Wet feet

    I asked this question a year or so ago on the forum and was advised to buy a pair of SealSkinz socks. I did,they cost £37, they are excellent.
  4. NearHull

    Is Rory done?

    To answer the thread title ….. yes
  5. NearHull

    Ryder Cup 2021

    Apologies if this has been discussed. I haven’t seen any green books - are they banned?
  6. NearHull

    Annual Handicap Review

    I spoke to EG last week asking for advice on how to conduct the annual review ( there are guidelines on the R&A website). The reply was that they will be issued fairly soon. We have circa 10 members flagged for a review using the WHS platform report - i‘m one of them.
  7. NearHull

    Why am I topping my 5wood

    Am i the only one who misread the thread header as ‘why am I topping my sword.’
  8. NearHull

    Win three FootJoy Premium Performance gloves

    Thomas usa 14.5 Europe 13.5
  9. NearHull

    Win a pair of FootJoy shoes

    Cantlay Europe 14.5 , USA 13.5.
  10. NearHull

    Golf Random Irritations

    The scores are nuts but only made worse by not using 85%.
  11. NearHull

    Golf Random Irritations

    Not my club. if we don’t abide by all the rules, then there is no game. Which rules are you prepared to ignore?
  12. NearHull

    Golf Random Irritations

    Yet another 4BB Open today played at 100% allowance. Winning score (as we left) 53 points, 9 and 24 handicaps, followed by 3 pairs of 50 points. I queried the Professional why they were not complying with the mandatory allowances, ( he was registering and filling out the cards ) - he said the...
  13. NearHull

    Waterproof Golf Gloves query

    Post 23 May well be from a Commercial interest but whilst we are here….. I started foe a Ladies comp on Tuesday, pouring rain most of the day. One Lady put on a surgical ‘rubber’ glove over her standard golf glove to keep it dry. She stated that it was a first for her, but that her friend...
  14. NearHull

    Standing behind putts in Texas Scrambles

    Played some courses at St Pete’s and Naples a few years ago. Now we don’t fly more than 4 hrs.
  15. NearHull

    Standing behind putts in Texas Scrambles

    You would get away with standing on the line over here, but be DQ’d for shouting ‘Bro’ on the course .😀
  16. NearHull

    Random irritations of the day......

    I didn’t watch any of the 9/11 programmes for similar reasons, I still have a mental picture of a falling person. is there another atrocity around the corner, I hope not but it’s likely.
  17. NearHull

    2021 NFL Season

    Watching the Chiefs and Browns - I’m finding the team colours ( or is it colors?) confusing as a spectator, the QB must be struggling to quickly identify his receiver.
  18. NearHull

    Tee markers.

    Not Mike, though I’ve done one with him, It was Franco.
  19. NearHull

    Tee Times - Staying or Going

    Sorry , I should’ve asked in my first reply. How many members were entitled to vote?
  20. NearHull

    Tee Times - Staying or Going

    Do you have 5 or 6 day members? If so, were they allowed to vote for Saturday and/or Sunday?