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    Criteria for introduction/removal of Preferred Lies

    As from 1st October we now have the option of introducing Preferred Lies for 'acceptable scores' under WHS, does your Club have any definable criteria for the introduction date or is it just opinion/gut feel or do you just introduce and remove them on the first and last date allowed?
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    Signed for score on a hole which is too high

    I understand that if you accidentally sign for a score on a hole that is higher than the actual score, then the score you have signed for is what counts in the competition. However which Score should be used for handicap purposes - the incorrect higher one or the lower correct one? If it is the...
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    Holes made by deer hooves in bunker

    I understand that under 16.1 c you get free relief from a hole made by an animal in a bunker. How do you distinguish between a hoof print and a hole. A hole is quite likely to be made by the hoof/paw etc. just as a ’print’ is. Also I assume it is a dropped ball for relief in a bunker?
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    9 Hole Differentials in WHS

    I have got my head around most things in WHS I think: however, 9 hole scores I find difficult to understand. Even when looking at the manual and trying to do the resultant maths I struggle to come up with the same answer as the computer. Can anyone, in simple terms please, explain how I can take...
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    4BB Competition and Social Score

    I understand that social scores are acceptable for WHS handicaps if the player abides by rules of golf, putts out, doesn't accept advice etc. if they are combined with a casual 4BB round with mates and/or swindle. However, is it acceptable for a social score to be submitted if the player was...
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    Balls without Logo

    Is it within the rules to have a ball without a manufacturer’s logo? I am thinking that the manufacturer’s Logo may prove that the ball is conforming. The reason I ask is that I would like to remove, if allowed, for example the wording ‘Titleist’ and ‘ProV1‘ and replace them with just my own...