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  1. LincolnShep

    Does your handicap matter to you?

    I want it to go down, but not enough to bother with any practise. :unsure:
  2. LincolnShep

    Consistently inconsistent

    On Saturday I finish 2nd out of 22 entrants. On Sunday I finish 72nd out of 77. I hate golf.
  3. LincolnShep

    The UK & Ireland’s Next 100 - how many have you played?

    One, just Seacroft, and it's lovely.
  4. LincolnShep

    Course Recommendations Northumberland

    I haven't played it, but I walked across Bamburgh Castle GC while on holiday earlier this year and it looks absolutely stunning.
  5. LincolnShep

    Would you like to see 12 captain's picks?

    PGA of America decides on the system for selecting Team USA. European Tour Tournaments Committee decides on the system for selecting Team Europe. US has the freedom to have more Captain's picks because they don't need to dangle the carrot of RC qualification points to entice players to take...
  6. LincolnShep

    RC qualification - needs changing or not?

    Why is it bizarre that each tour should devise its own qualification rules? See absolutely no reason why the systems need to be the same - each Tour goes with the system that is best for them. TBH, USA could do away with automatic qualification altogether and allow the Capt to have 12 picks -...
  7. LincolnShep

    RC qualification - needs changing or not?

    Ryder Cup points is one of the few carrots that the European Tour can dangle in front of players. If the Captain had a completely free choice, he could pick twelve players that have been playing PGA Tour all year. That might be good for the team but it would be bad for the European Tour.
  8. LincolnShep

    Ryder Cup Weekend... what you doing?

    I've paid for Sky Sports for a month so I can park myself on the sofa for most of the weekend. Have managed to get the wife interested in the build-up so she'll join me in my laziness. Singles don't start until tea time on Sunday so playing first round at new club in the morning.
  9. LincolnShep

    Win a pair of FootJoy shoes

    Cantlay Europe to win 15-13
  10. LincolnShep

    Win three FootJoy Premium Performance gloves

    Jon Rahm Europe win 15-13
  11. LincolnShep

    How do I keep those 8's and 7's off my card?

    Join a par 3 course?
  12. LincolnShep

    Standing behind putts in Texas Scrambles

    Rule 10.2b(4) says a caddie must not stand behind a player once he's taken his stance Rule 23.5 says that the rest of the players on a side must obey the same rules as a caddie So it's legal to stand behind an opponents putt (bad etiquette, but legal) but it's illegal to stand behind a player if...
  13. LincolnShep

    That's never happened to me either. I've booked many times with Golf Now. It's very convenient, often cheaper and I've never had a problem. I even called them to ask if I could cancel a non-cancellable, non-refundable tee time (my PP was injured) - they said 'Yes', much to my surprise. Great...
  14. LincolnShep

    'Twos' competition

    You're right. I should have said try to level it out. Personally I wouldn't bother as I have no problem with better golfers winning more prizes. I wasn't recommending it. Just offering a suggestion in answer to the OP's question. He seems to think the current system is unfair, I don't agree.
  15. LincolnShep

    'Twos' competition

    Not really unfair that better golfers win more prizes. It must be nice for them to be rewarded in a competition where the field isn't artificially levelled by the handicap system. If you really wanted to level it out then you could run your twos comp in divisions - or pay out for net twos...
  16. LincolnShep

    Played my first comp yesterday and think i won

    You're dead right, I have not understood your point. I don't think there's anything special about 28. 100 (72+28) is only a target for those golfers who normally score more than 100. Off 15, I'm targeting a lower score; off 6, you're targeting a much lower score. Why is it our place to...
  17. LincolnShep

    Par 74?

    Interesting. What's the highest par you can remember playing?
  18. LincolnShep

    Golf Empire - Charging for advanced search function

    It's a good tool. I was happy to spend a fiver to get the search by date function. I'm often trying to fill gaps in my calendar between club comps so this is definitely worth the price of a pint.
  19. LincolnShep

    What do you want from an opening hole?

    OK, the exact opposite of what you want on an opening hole is at the course I've just left. Par 4, dogleg right, out of bounds down both sides and a 160/170 carry over water off the white tee. The white tee is about ten yards from the conservatory/patio where all the players following you...
  20. LincolnShep

    What do you want from an opening hole?

    Some do, I don't. Unless you count walking from the car park.