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    Getting brave...

    About to set off on a round at Brampton. Picked a busy time to try to get over the 1st tee yips. But something I'd not even have considered 2 months ago.. Starting to enjoy this, hobby, well lifestyle I guess.
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    1st 18

    Did my 1st full course 18 today.. 105 round Brampton heath.. legs ache now tho. Driving great, 180-200 off 3 wood white castle tees.. fairway stuff however was dire. But the whole point was to see how I got on with a full round on a testing course. So immediately booked my self a 1 hour lesson...
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    playing a par 3 course

    Not got a lot of time on tuesday, so I've booked onto brampton heath's par 3 course. is it required or indeed etiquette to use the full set or a reduced set of clubs. ?
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    Thanks to this forum.......

    I started as a very nervy player / beginner, too scared to get to the 1st tee, as was embarrased in case i topped it. However chatting on here gave me the confidence to go do it. at a public course... and ive got on ever since. So Saturday I went up to Brampton Heath and Joined, got my pin and...
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    what should be in the bag.....

    As my signature states, im using the Rife RX2 set, got it new for 399..and has Driver, 3wood, 4 and 5 Hybrid, and 6-sandwedge, and putter. I rarely use the driver at the moment, as im just way too erratic with it, but am hitting 190 ish off the 3 wood off a white castle tee. But looking to...
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    coloured wooden pegs

    Hi folks im relatively new, and do thrash my way around the course. but what are the coloured wooden pegs for. im presuming some mark out of bounds etc.
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    How long?

    How long does a club usually take to reply re membership. Applied a couple of weeks ago but had no response, and sent an email asking for an update (politely) Aware most clubs are very busy, but seems a long time to contact.
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    sprinklers - ruling please

    Today on Pytchley, i managed a creditable 53 through 9, However on the par 5 3rd, the sprinklers were on the green, and no greenkeeper around to turn them off. Whats the shot ruling there? im presuming you dont have to take a soaking :) Do you hit near the green and pick up, or what?
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    Taken the plunge.....

    Been learning the game at Pytchley. Can i just say other than the experience last week, great wee centre. great to see kids playing, and the 9 hole course has enough challenge. But been looking round the area at clubs, and a number on here, and that i asked at my work, etc, have all said...
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    Selfish and arrogant

    Today I turned up at Pytchley, looknig forward to a 09:40 tee time, having had a lovely round yesterday with a genuine 3 at the 155 yard 5th. 3 older guys turned up around 09:33, paid and headed for the 1st tee. I thought they must be running late for their 09:30. So headed up to the tee around...
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    changing club

    So i've changed.... :) gone from the not confident returnnig newbie, to a little more confident (still rubbish). But am strugglnig with the club i go to. ( Pytchley) its good enough, decent place to learn golf. but in the summer holidays really hard to get a tee time and almost impossible to...
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    did it...... loved it

    So rocked up at pytchley for the 1st actual round. was teeing off at 08:40. but arrived at 08:15. went paid green fees and was told to just start when i was ready. Approached the 1st tee. one guy couple hundred yards away. 3 wood. nervous, as 1st tee is always my fear.... hit it nicely enough...
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    been out for a few weeks

    Was helping local theatre group out as they set up for 1st show in 18 months (was cancelled in the end), i usually do lighting for them. Moving the folding stage blocks. felt alright doing it, next day went to driving range to hit 100... after 30-40 felt a pain in my back... so stopped, gave...
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    northamptonshire beginners

    anyone very new to golf. willnig to do a couple of rounds hacking the course up? Pythcley is my course of choice. but wouldnt mnd playing with someone equally as erratic as me. current aim is to break 100 . and to gain a handicap .
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    New ish. but already put off a bit

    Hi there Between 2003 - 2007 i played a fair bit up in the west highlands on the lovely loch carron course.. never very good, but could usually get round in 100-102... but lovely relaxed club, could turn up and play, yes even wearing jeans.. if you met someone often stopped for a natter, shared...