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  1. Hendo007

    Wtd/Swap Looking for a Nike 2/3 iron

    All, Looking for a Nike 2 and or 3 iron if possible ? I have a 3 and 4, Nike VR hybrid up for swaps if anyone is interested ? Let me know. Cheers Chris
  2. Hendo007

    Need some clarity please

    So I played in an open on Saturday, conditions were terrible and I dropped 4 shots in the first 3 holes, however i was playing alright at the time. Get to the turn having had one birdie and only one other bogey to be 4 over at the turn.. Thinking to myself this is going ok.... lol Queue my tee...
  3. Hendo007

    Sat 11th April - Silverdale Golf Club

    So the wife is taking me the inlaws and the weans down to Grange-Over-Sands for a few days, heading down either thu 9th or Fir 10th. When she booked it she told me there was a course near by so I could take my clubs.... Don't need to tell me twice. Was going to come on hear and see if there...
  4. Hendo007

    Launch monitor figures, how accurate are they really ? (Part2)

    For those who read/commented on my previous thread last week (can be seen here I went for my 3rd of 5 sessions on the Launch Monitor (confirmed as a GC2) on Tuesday this week...
  5. Hendo007

    So who's season starts tomorrow?

    My club has a medal on tomorrow, It will be a H/C qualifier. However, I'm working tomorrow and can't make it...We have qualifier comps the following 2 weeks which I will make. So officially my season has begun.... Anyone else starting in March or is it April for most?
  6. Hendo007

    Launch monitor figures, how accurate are they really ?

    I know what it looks like so I searched pictures on google, couldn't fine a trackman that looked like it so tried GC2 and found this pic, So looks like its a GC2
  7. Hendo007

    Launch monitor figures, how accurate are they really ?

    So for my birthday back in October the missus got be a groupon block of 5 sessions on the launch monitor at a nearly local Affordable golf outlet. Having hardly picked up a golf club all winter I thought it about time I used them up before I lost them. I went over there a couple of weeks ago and...
  8. Hendo007

    Anyone for some free golf ?

    Hi all, If you are competent on a computer and have good attention to detial and fancy some free golf (it costs you only the petrol to get to the courses) then drop me a PM for some more information. Its a sort of secret shopper thing that I am involved with and they are looking for more...
  9. Hendo007

    How many and how many

    I read Bobirdie post and it got me thinking, How many medals did your club put on last season and how many of them did you play in ? For me There was a total of 41 medals over the season and I played in 24 of them. 58% What about you ?
  10. Hendo007

    Motocaddy S1 trolley, BLEW UP !!!!!

    Picture the scene... 36 hole medal yesterday, on the 4th hole of the first round and get to the green when suddenly there is a bang from the trolley and then white smoke starts pouring out from under the battery tray, I disconnected the battery very quickly but there was some amount of smoke...
  11. Hendo007

    Shipley Bradford tomorrow/Friday

    Morning, Heading down to Shipley area with the family this morning, last min decision last night to go hence the short notice. Will bring the clubs. If anyone is available for a knock not too far away then that be grand. We should be there lAter this afternoon and will head home at some...
  12. Hendo007

    1 week wonder !!!

    Having played some ok golf of late, last week I finally managed to get myself down to single figures for the first time. A 74 (+6) and 75 (+7) seen me cut to 9.4 last week. Unfortunately I played yesterday off my new handicap of 9 and went round in 80 blows !!! So back up to 9.5 and back...
  13. Hendo007

    Whats your best/worst and average for the season so far ?

    Ok, I keep a note of my scores on my fixture book, most people are about a month into the season so far so how are you all doing on the following ? Best Score to date - For me Gross 77 (for net 66) Worst Score to date - For me Gross 88 (for net 77) Average score to date - Played in 8 medals...
  14. Hendo007

    Lytham Green Drive Golf Club

    Anyone a member here or played it before or have anything to say about it ? I'm heading down that way in a few weeks with the inlaws, the missus and the weans for a weeks holiday and the clubs are coming with me. I had a wee search and they have an open comp on during the time I am down there...
  15. Hendo007

    Google Calendar

    All, Just a reminder that the google calender is there for you to see what games have been arranged at a glance. Check it out by clicking the following link :- I have tonight added the following:- H4H...
  16. Hendo007

    The carrick 19th sept

    Anyone fancy a free knock round the Carrick this Thursday? Got a four ball voucher and 2 spaces remaining. 9:52 tee off. Any fancy it? Chris
  17. Hendo007

    Have you ever tallied up your bad shots !!

    Played in the medal today and scraped the buffer after throwing away so many shots on the first 13 holes. Decided to go through my round in my head there and count the bad ones today. It went a little like this, Poor driver shots - 3 of them. Poor Hybrid shots - 5 of them. Poor Iron...
  18. Hendo007

    H4H battle thread

    Anyone know where its gone or how to get it back ? The thread that was started where we all picked people close to our handicaps and set the challenge to go lower ?
  19. Hendo007

    Anyone got any idea ?

    Heres the situation. Last Sat I had a mare and shot 90 which took my H/C up to 11.0 I then played the Tue Medal (was showing on Hdid but for some reason is not there anymore) and shot 76 gross for a nett 64, CSS equaled the SSS of 68 so as expected I got a 0.8 cut which correctly took me to...
  20. Hendo007

    Cobra S9-1 3 and 5 woods for sale.

    Next up are my 3 and 5 woods. Both are Cobra S9-1 clubs with Aldila DVS-HL 55-R shafts. Both Clubs are in decent condition and come with Head covers. Looking for £100 for both which includes postage.