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    National Golf Restrictions - how can England be open and Wales closed?

    How come England is open for golf and other countries like Wales are closed for golf with N Ireland closing again from 26th? Interested in views as I appreciate the different regional parliaments have the say on what happens but scientific advice is central and how come England have reopened...
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    Just checking if anyone has a discount code for Clubhouse Golf?
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    Help - Trying to Get a Replacement Rain Hood for J Lindeberg Black Mid Size Golf Bag

    Long shot, I am trying to get a replacement rain hood for a J Lindeberg black golf bag. I've gone through the usual sources, retailers, manufacturers and I don't like the OEM covers. So the only thing that looks right on the bag is the cover in the image. On the off chance that some good...
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    Powakaddy FX7 GPS - Anyone experience any issues with slow start up?

    HI all, just bought a new FX7 GPS and find it a little slow on start up to get it to move compared to my previous Powakaddy FW trolley. Anyone else any issues?
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    the hood on my staff bag has lost one of the metal fastening studs, any ideas on here where I can buy replacement studs? I dont want to replace the hood to a generic type or alternative and it is unlikely that I can buy a replacement hood. I think the studs may be similar to the ones used on...