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  1. Mudball

    Stairlift on hire

    We now have a need to have a stairlift for MIL. She may need it for next 6 months or so - assuming she will be able to walk by the end of her rehab. Was speaking to my GP, he mentioned he had come across some patient who have gotten stairlifts on hire. Unfortunately he had no further info...
  2. Mudball

    mobile phone network provider

    MIL is due to go into hospital for a few days, hence looking to top up her pay as you go mobile. The only problem is that she hasnt used her phone in very long time. As she is house bound, it is all on whatsapp and wifi now. So it looks like it might have elapsed. For the life of me, i cant...
  3. Mudball

    Microwave question

    This morning our stand alone Samsung microwave packed it up. No apparent reason. If i put some thing in, it swtiches on and spins around. You can hear the 'microwave sound', but it is not heating anything. Any quick diagnosis from the experts?
  4. Mudball

    Driving license

    What is the rule on carrying your driving license while driving? After nearly 2 years of wfh, I sometimes forget to carry my wallet any where. With the phone now replacing the credit cards, the only use the wallet has is to carry the driving license around. Was dropping off an American friend...
  5. Mudball

    Unsecured connections..

    I have a fav bookmark on my safari on iPhone. Earlier today, when I clicked on it, I got this message. So had to ignore and find the forum website via Google. No issues that way. Not sure what caused the issue.. could be a random one
  6. Mudball

    SPOTY 2021

    Nearly getting that time of the year.... What are your nominations for SPOTY 2021. My list Golf >> cant see anyone here Cricket >> Root maybe but not really. May change if he smashes the Ashes Olympics & Para >> TBH, i am not sure i followed it enough to say if anyone in there More likely...
  7. Mudball


    Turning back time.. looks like we are slowly renationalising a few things. This does not mean it is a good or bad thing. 1) Railways >> Franchises have failed, some of the most expensive train tickets in the world now >> Coming soon, Great British Rail 2) Energy cos >> Price shock, customers...
  8. Mudball

    Is Rory done?

    Rors has been my fav since he burst on the scene. He has made the money. On his day, he is a treat to watch. …. But I haven’t seen ‘his day’ for years. Watching him standing on top of a 10 feet putt at the Ryder cup.. you now expect him to miss. Alas he does not disappoint. Are his best days...
  9. Mudball

    Good time for skill and nation building

    Looking at some of the headlines around shortage of staff across the country, it makes me wonder, if this is a good opportunity for the young ones to get into. Currently there seems to short supply in many skills from fruit picking to hospitality to supermarket stackers to HGV drivers...
  10. Mudball

    BBC Proms... any experience

    Thinking a night of culture... anyone been to the BBC Proms? Possibly stay close by for the night. Any suggestions on dinner/breakfast close by are welcome
  11. Mudball

    Olive oil & Balsamic Vinegar

    i am thinking of getting some posh OO + vinegar for dipping. During the old travelling days, whenever i was with my Italian colleagues, the amount of fuss they made about vinegar in UK restaurant was unreal. Too much snobbery. Thinking of dipping my toe (sorry bread) in it. Any recommendations
  12. Mudball

    Love Island

    As a married and mortgaged man in the 40+ category, I understand that I am not a target audience for Love Island. The morning drive time Capital radio keep talking about it, so i finally found it while sofa surfing last night. What an absolutely shallow & skin show it is. The fakeness puts...
  13. Mudball

    Wifi kitchen appliances

    So the kitchen oven popped.. thinking of getting a new one. Looking around. I can see neff and others now doing ovens which are wifi enabled. Personally that is one more thing that can go wrong. Anyone has tried one of these puppies?
  14. Mudball

    Maggots … where do they come from

    Putting the bins out tonight. It has been hot as hell over the past few days. Opened the food bins and it has maggots in it. Now the food bins are mostly a closed ecosystem. The lid is fixed 24x7. They only have cooked and uncooked food from the kitchen. So unless the maggot egg/larve are...
  15. Mudball

    Brylcreem.. a relic of the past

    Like me, Brylcreem seems to be a relic of the past. Been a long time user. As i become more follicular challenged, I cant see the point of hair gels that provide 'extreme hold', 'non-glossy hold', 'waterproof grip' etc. the regular Brylcreem seems increasingly an online product only am i...
  16. Mudball

    Uniform .. thank you for your service

    Was standing to register for a vaccine jab this morning. The lady at my desk was going thru the 'What is ur DOB, First name' etc. My ear perked when the lady at the other desk started the same set of question with 'Thank you for your service, may i have your DoB.. ". Turned around to see a...
  17. Mudball

    What a muppet (I am)

    Was out and about today.. perfect day... Got to the car park, had to take the waterproofs off, and uncharacteristically so put the phone on the roof.. As you would expect, drove off without taking the phone. About a mile away, heard a thud.. thought it was a branch hitting the the rear of...
  18. Mudball

    Spinal injury... any experience in care giving?

    MIL unfortunately has fractures to her spine. She is staying with us and unfortunately now bed ridden. The pain and shrieking is agonising to watch. She is on horse strength painkillers. Due to her age, surgery is ruled out and she should just rest and recover. So no point getting the...
  19. Mudball

    Apparent ID fraud.. who to report?

    Got a message from an elderly neighbor who is badly shaken up .. It would seem that someone named <Joe Blogs> has given people my mobile phone number as a contact. Whether deliberately or in error. I keep getting calls and messages from people chasing debts. I don't want to click on any...
  20. Mudball

    Celebrity/Influencer driven society

    Maybe i am the only one... but everytime i see headlines (incl in the BBC) like 'Willow Smith opens up about being polyamorous' or 'Catlyn Jenner that.. ' or another two-bit Instagram influencer talking about climate change... the first thing i have to do is to google them to find who they...