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    FS Garmin S3 Approach GPS Watch

    Garmin S3 Approach watch in black/ red for sale. In an as new condition, only used for approx 10 rounds. 38,000 courses pre loaded, no annual subscriptions to worry about. particularly useful features include the ability to drag the pin to it's exact position on the green in green view; the...
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    Ayrshire Golf Vouchers

    I have two Ayrshire Golf Vouchers for a free round on any one of 8 Ayrshire munis (from last years Scottish Golf Show), I'm not going to get the chance to use them so I am happy to let them go to someone who can. Be aware they need to be used before April. If you want them then let me know and...
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    WTD Mizuno MP T11 50* White Satin

    As per thread title, a long shot I know but does anyone have one of these lying around that they are looking to unload?
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    Album Cover Art

    From your collection, your most iconic album cover, ones with personnel meaning or just a thing of beauty. Only one pic per post please guys until everyone has had a crack and then we can come out with more. Cue the Iron Maiden guys :whistle: For me it's:
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    So what are you listening to at the moment?

    To drown out the mediocrity of X factor? Radiohead/ Joy Div mix, moved on to a bit of Morrisey, if if cheer up a bit and the lager kicks in I'll probably move on to some Northern Soul Classics or a bit of ska
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    Elkington - If you don't like it......

    then just go home. Rare occurrence for me tonight in that I actually logged in to twitter. Steve Elkington giving a lesson on how to win friends and influence people when playing abroad - not! Bit of a horrible rant against all things 'Southport', already picked up by National Club Golfer...
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    Armed Forces Day

    May I just take this opportunity to wish all all forum members who are: Veterans Currently serving Considering serving Widows/ Widowers all the very best on this Armed Forces day forever brothers/ sisters
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    Seahouses, Dunstanburgh Castle & Wooler (with a few pics)

    Just got back from a great mini break in Northumberland (first visit to the county) and thought I would do a rough review for anyone planning a golf trip to the area. Seahouses GC A great links course enjoying its Centenary this year, not the longest but had a great round and a thoroughly...
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    How many water hazards on your course?

    Following on from the OOB thread, how many holes on your course include a water hazard? Whether it be lake, pond, the sea or that staked ditch that for a few months of the year might not even have any water in it. We have 11, on holes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. On 11 and 13 you are...
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    US Golf Coverage Adverts

    Watching the golf from the lovely environment of my man cave on my desktop, which means a stream rather than normal sky so don't know what you guys are seeing. Finding some of the adverts quite amusing, including one for Cialis and warnings about it- 'please consult your physician if you have...
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    Earl of Mar

    A few shots of the opening holes of the Earl of Mar at Mar Hall hotel. Looking back down the fairway of the opening hole, a par 5. The roofs you can see on the left are of the now sadly defunct furniture workshop and print shop of Erskine Hospital. My house is just out of shot to the...
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    Thoughts on this weeks pro tournaments

    Delighted to see Kuch win the memorial, especially as he is in one of my fantasy teams. Always has a smile on his face and the sort of guy that you would want in your 4 ball. Didn't realise what a slap head he was though - you obviously can't have it all. Charley Hull, 17 year old rookie, 5...
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    Alsager GC - 4 Ball

    Guys, as alluded to in a previous post I have a 4 ball at Alsager GC that is impractical for me to use, yours for the give away price of 70 squid.
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    Alsager GC

    Absolutely typical, I finally win a magazine competition (I enter about 30 per month) and it's a prize that isn't ideal to be honest :( A free 4 ball at Alsager GC near Stoke - a round journey of some 506 miles :angry: Would anybody be interested in this? My next greatest fear is finally...
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    Gleddoch Golf Club

    Popped up to my club for an hours short game practise today, had my camera in the car so thought I would take a few pics From the 1st green, and for the eagle eyed amongst you yes, that is a large plug of volcanic basalt in the background: The long uphill approach to 3: and the view from...
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    Mobile Bay LPGA Classic

    Remember that recent thread about LPGA averages that left some of us feeling a bit smug? Well today: Stacy Lewis - 63 fairways - 13/14 putts - 27 greens - 16/18 driving avg - 292 - she's 5' and a fag end tall ! Anna Nordqvist - 61 fairways - 14/14 putts - 26 greens - 17/18 Driving avg - 281...
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    I want to go home

    I want to go hoo ooo ome, this town's a etc etc This could be emotive given it's a Saturday, which 3 away grounds would you rank as the biggest dumps you have visited? Stadiums no longer with us are acceptable. There have been many but I have to give special mention to: Eastville (Bristol...
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    Football this aft

    So who else is having a break from the course this afternoon and taking in a game? If so where. Cappielow for me, SFL1 top of the table clash, the Ton v Partick Thistle.
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    This is getting ridiculous

    The amount of thread locking. Why on earth was rosecott's thread locked? Chris661 - were you bullied at school or something?
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    Milngavie GC - Opinions

    Anyone here have experience of Milngavie GC? I have a complementary there on Monday morning with a view to possibly joining next year. Any comments would be welcome. Prize for anyone south of the border who can pronounce it correctly! :D