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    I Have Finally Mastered Golf! #Scratch

    :ROFLMAO: Please indulge a self-congratulatory post! I remember posting on this forum for advice as I battled to get down to single figure and then into the old Cat 1. I got lots of good (and some not so good ;)) advice in those days. Been a few years since I hit those milestones so it's been...
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    Curtis Cup 2021

    Live coverage on you tube. Early advantage to GB&I - up in two foursomes, down in one. Conwy looks nice. Some great golf on display - well worth a watch for anyone interested.
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    South Wales Golf - Early September

    I'm going to be in Wales staying near St Davids from 12th-17th September. I'd like to get a game or two while I'm down there so looking for recommendations and/or if anyone wants to meet up for a game. Happy to travel a bit from there, especially for a good course. I got excited for a minute...
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    Never mind

    Never mind
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    Are the new pro v1s less durable?

    I’m a bit mean with golf balls and will happily use the same one for multiple rounds. Usually I’ve found prov1s just gradually get a bit scuffed until I decide enough is enough and they head to the practice bag. However, I’ve had loads this year that seem to cut up badly after just a few holes...
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    Hemel Hempstead Advice

    Not something I ever expected to need. However.... I'm going to be down in Hemel Hempstead for a few days next week. Can anyone recommend a decent driving range / practice area I might be able to use of an afternoon/evening? And any other hot tips for stuff to do away from the golf course...
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    Bunker Linings

    My course has lined all its bunkers with capillary concrete. Which is normally fine but in the current dry and windy conditions the sand is getting shifted around and lots of concrete is either becoming exposed or very close to the surface such that you are aware of it when taking your stance...