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    Par 6's and 7's

    West Midlands GC has a Par 6 - 725 yards (back tee). Course in Japan has a Par 7 - 964 yards. Then there's Longest hole on earth: an 1100-yard par-7 in South Korea ( I'm familiar with the first one because I go walking near there, and it's dead straight. Would you be tempted or is it...
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    Health scares latest

    Can't fit into the same sized jeans when you were 21? Risk of type 2. Add it to this list. Are you bothered?
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    Lawn bowls

    Do any of you play this most dangerous sport? Top Ten Dangerous Sports ( I think I'll stick to golf.
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    Britain's best views

    A few suggestions here: Britain's favourite view | Travel | The Guardian I'll add a few more. 360 degree summit view from Scafell Pike. Looking over to the Isle of Arran from Kintyre. Cape Wrath. Land's End. The Shard. Oxford colleges - University and Merton down a narrow cobbled street...
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    So this what it's like on Snowdon these days. I've climbed up every mountain Wales (Nuttall's guide), and I've bagged Snowdon many times including the Horseshoe which includes some scrambling. Bank holiday is approaching. As an alternative get hold...
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    The OC

    30 years ago in early spring I asked for a round on the Old Course at St Andrews. I couldn't see anybody on the course but the starter informed me while I could play it I'd need a h/cap cert. which I didn't have at the time. So I never did play it, but instead later played the New Course, the...
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    What's Trump doing wrong here?

    I think his head comes up too soon.
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    Climate code red

    As in the news today. So what are you doing to save planet? Do we need to build more golf courses? The role of golf courses in carbon sequestration - European Institute of Golf Course Architects (
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    Best and worst towns in Britain

    I see quite a few opinions on this, and all a matter opinion. Peterborough gets a bad rating, but I quite like it. St Ives (Cornwall) is apparently the best and happiest place to live. Apart from passing through on the train I have never been to this place: Come friendly bombs and fall on...
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    Motorway delays

    Narrowly avoided a 1 hour delay on the M42 yesterday.. I see today severe delays again on West Midlands motorways. Unless you have no option will you stop using them? Any problems on A and B roads are likely to just result in a diversion. And what's the longest you've ever been held up? 3...
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    Will you be watching this elitist, jingoistic, over commercialised relic of the past? It would have been interesting in ancient Greece or in England at Much Wenlock or on Dover's Hill and probably after WW2 it would have been refreshing...
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    Amazing places not in the LP guides.

    If like me you are not a fan of Lonely Planet guides, what less well known places are still very much worth visiting? I'll nominate Dudley in the West Midlands. Set on a limestone ridge it has a town centre overlooked by a castle. It has one of the most remarkable geological sites in Britain...
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    Mindfulness or mindlessness?

    I meet people who tell me about how they practice the recent craze of mindfulness, but nobody as yet who like me have too short an attention span practice the alternative. Mindfulness is concentrating purely on what you are doing, but mindlessness is letting your mind just wander. The first...
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    Drugs in golf

    Now we all know that golf acts like a drug, but what if any are your experiences of drugs (illegal or otherwise) in golf?
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    Amazing facts from the world of science.

    Space. Everything in the cosmos is nothing but empty curved space, including the world we inhabit. What we see and touch are only manifestations of the curvature of space. Matter. Everyting is made of atoms but they are virtually empty space. You could fit all 7 billion humans alive today into...
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    How healthy is golf?

    Contact sports like football, cricket, boxing and now rugby under scrutiny for both physical and mental health. Although I wouldn't like to be hit by a ball, golf seems to get a clean bill of health. Your opinions please.
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    Ditch the gym

    Did it years ago. All that energy expended to go nowhere. Commercial exercise, like commercial diets are a scam. That includes HIIT. So instead do something paleo: Or what do you suggest?
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    Gary Player once told a story about asking his new caddy to 'pick up the divots because this a posh club' and then found his golf bag full of them, what exactly should you do about replacing divots on the fairway and in the rough? I played a round yesterday and spent quite a lot of time...
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    One minute

    All Emirates FA Cup third round ties will be delayed by one minute to encourage fans to ‘Take A Minute’ to think about looking after their mental health, as part of the Heads Up campaign. About time, I think.
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    Rail fares

    Up by nearly 3% today. So what can you get for under £200? Newcastle to Bristol single is £166. Leeds to Portsmouth is a snip at £144 single walk on fare, but don't assume you'll have a seat and you will have to change. If you want to travel between Penzance and Wick the website doesn't even...