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    whats the ruling?

    I was playing a round by myself this afternoon and ended up in a greenside bunker. As I got to the bunker, I realised that the bunker looked like Dunkirk and was not raked at all (even though there was a rake in there). As I was cursing the state of the bunker, I realised that the whole...
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    What to read into stats?

    A bit of background before the requests for advice at the end: I have recently joined a local club after taking up the game a few years ago and am hoping to put in my 3 cards for handicap purposes in the next month or so. Hopefully this results in me getting a handicap of around 25/26 and then...
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    Finding a club to join?

    I want to join a club but want to know exactly what I should be looking for / what questions I should be asking when looking around. I am currently a bit of a nomad and have been playing around Cambridge for the last few years or so. Recently the group that I usually play with seem to have...